Life of a Gent: The Breakthrough Contender


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.


Pursuing an unconventional path that is frowned upon by the masses is an exceptionally grueling endeavor that causes an individual to undergo feelings of being outcast by the majority.  The inimitable style of Ryan “Saga” Sagayaga proves that the eccentric goals of a true visionary can command phenomenal triumphs.  An idiosyncratic practitioner of freestyle soccer (a self-expressive art form utilizing a soccer ball to do monumental tricks), Ryan has had his own journey in self-awareness; finding fulfillment that has molded his life . A sharp dresser in his own right, Ryan’s eclectic style is definitely notable.  A devotion to acute presence belies his extremely benevolent character which is indefatigable in the face of adversity which is why he has become a relevant competitor in the quickly growing freestyle soccer scene.


A conspicuous deviation from traditional soccer, freestyle soccer led to problematic disagreements with Ryan’s team mates and coaches.  Constant belittlement from the companions that shared his same passion for soccer was a frequentative event that forced Ryan to triumph in his passion and excel at it. “They didn’t understand the significance of what I was trying to do at the time,”  Ryan says when talking about the views his team and coach had on the art form he was trying to project.  In addition, Ryan’s constant battle on a day-to-day basis stemmed not only from the projections of other’s opinion, it also spanned within himself as Ryan battles with depression. “It’s a constant struggle on the daily to deal with my emotions,” he mentions when it comes to practice and staying motivated.  Despite all of these unreasonable obstacles, Ryan still excels as the only freestyle soccer artist in Hawaii.


A stark contrast from the norm, Ryan’s style of dress is an amalgamation of various contemporary influences  such as tech wear, street wear, and athletic wear.  Confidence in your personal style is something Ryan definitely embodies, and he is able to comfortable put together a disarray of seemingly unrelated garments to construct the captivating wholesome ensembles that he proudly dons. A true fashionista with an inventiveness for creativity, Ryan is able to stand out as an unmistakable character that exudes confidence in anything he does.


When it comes to his definition of a gentleman, Ryan articulates the importance of being unique and believing in your own inherent poised disposition.  The foundation of his philosophy is that “a gentleman knows himself and is confident in taking risks.” Being humble is a defining characteristic of a gentleman, and the pursuit of a divergent, successful lifestyle is an astounding phenomenon that society does not necessarily have to accept.  His definition resonates extremely well with what he himself had to go through; starting off as a freestyle soccer practitioner. Through his sponsor at Paradise Soccer Club, Ryan was introduced to the importance of “giving without expecting.” Empowering yourself with the understanding that acts of kindness should be done without expecting anything in return was a lesson that resonated with Ryan’s ideology of a gentleman.


The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Ryan “Saga” Sagayaga as a true practitioner of the gentleman style.  By vanquishing his hardships and displaying an unbarring indefatigable motivation towards his pursuit, he has become the sole-proprieter of the freestyle soccer art form in Hawaii.  By demolishing all obstacles that have stood in his way, Ryan stood out amongst his colleagues and developed unique sense of style that continues to inspire others.  Innovators have the curse of being ridiculed for being different, but the unceasing passion Ryan exudes guarantees his future successes in freestyle soccer.

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