Becoming a Connoisseur of Vocabulary

The purveyor of the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle is a well-spoken individual with a vicarious desire to be distinct.  By having a thirst for knowledge and expanding your prowess of the English language, you will become the riveting gentleman that everyone desires to be like.  


Becoming the captivating gentleman that is the focal point of any gathering seems like an onerous, inconceivable task that many stray away from. Making the metamorphosis from a lackluster individual to the fascinating gent can be a simple, facile venture that any can undertake; given the right skill set.  The virtuosity of any compelling gentleman is not only chivalrous manners and a keen sense of style, a gentleman must possess a robust vocabulary that portrays his mastery of the idioms of the English language.  Therefore, fulfilling the aspiration to become a superior conversationalist can be undertaken by constantly refining one’s proficiency at language.


To begin one’s peregrination of becoming a more fascinating, divergent gentleman, one needs to understand their own short-comings.  The decrepitude of vocabulary is not abnormal, and only through the acceptance of your deficiency can you proceed to destroy your own personal limitations.  All true virtuosos of the English language started from humble beginnings, and knowing that there are others whom speak with an air of sophistication should galvanize yourself into understanding your potential.


Having a fondness of the idiosyncrasies of vocabulary will lead to a facile, linear path to the multiplication of one’s capacity for language acquisition.  By enjoying the journey of the perpetual thirst for knowledge is pivotal to absorbing as much information as possible. Seeing the act of studying vocabulary as a monotonous activity will hinder one’s personal growth in this aspect.  If you instead envision the grandeur of becoming a more engaging gentleman though, you will expedite the process unconsciously.  Enjoying the peregrination of language acquisition eliminates one’s own hindrance on improvement and will empower you to become the idealistic gentleman you wish to become.


Finally, understanding that the acquisition of vocabulary will never end will ensure you stay committed to this pursuit of knowledge.  A quick look at any dictionary will offer a perspective on the vastness of nomenclatures there are in the English language.  Taking a sustained approach to one’s personal academics will lead to a prodigious bank of vocabulary words over a period of time.  Even the act of utilizing two or three new words on a daily basis will formulate the framework for one’s success.


A gentleman is compelling and offers others his own sense of refinement through the finesse he exhibits in his speech.  Taking the grand endeavor to cultivate one’s personal linguistic expertise will lead to the splendor that can only be seen by a purveyor of the jargons of English.  Although basic communication does not require an extensive list of words, true gentleman know the advantages of a robust vocabulary!

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