Life of a Gent: The Vintage Curator


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.

IMG_7543.JPG“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” a quote that sums up the work of the engaging gentleman we interviewed. Brett “Seuss” Freeland is a multi-faceted individual who is known for his endeavors as a hockey player, soccer player, skateboarder, graffiti artist, bboy (breakdancer), and vintage thrifter.  His pastimes are plentiful, but his main pursuit is functioning as the founder and curator of “Sugoi Vintage,” a shop that collects and sells vintage clothing and accessories.  Brett’s personal endeavors led him to finding his passion in vintage items, and his passion for his craft is extremely evident.  A riveting gentleman with an eagerness to learn, Brett carries himself with a sophisticated and gripping comportment of a distinguished man.


Through pain and hardship, Brett was able to found the famed “Sugoi Vintage.” While letting his life tumble into a spiral of mischief, Brett tried to find positive outlets for his repressed emotions.  Finding bboying and physical activity as a conduit for his negative emotions, Brett needed to find something more mentally fulfilling; which he found through thrifting. “I love the hunt of finding new things.  When I pull up to the parking lot of the thrift store, it’s like getting ready for a treasure hunt,” Brett explains.  An incredibly salubrious venture that requires intense assiduity when it comes to looking through untold amounts of products, Brett found his remedy to his unfavorable circumstances through the procurement of older items.


Through an extended colloquy with Brett, his fascination into the avocation of vintage thrifting was made evident. The humble beginnings of “Sugoi Vintage” were rooted in a hobbyists perspective, “I was inspired by Gazzelli Sport Vintage posting tracksuits and practice gear.  He inspired me to try to find the freshest gear so that all the homies look fresh.” While rummaging through his extensive assemblage of inventory, his comprehensive understanding of the vintage market was remarkably evident.  Providing a plethora of narratives on his account of the stories of each item, Brett was particularly keen on the sentimental pieces of his collection.  A true archivist of the chronicles of the creation of clothing, Brett shared extensive information on the practices of various companies in the 80’s and 90’s which gave us a glance at his appreciation of these older items.


As a practitioner of the gentleman lifestyle, Brett explains the ease at which any man can be a gentleman.  “It isn’t hard to be nice,” Brett emphatically begins with.  Instead of the gentleman lifestyle being an unattainable feat, he advocates that there are simple acts that everyone can do.  Opening doors for women and respecting elders are just two examples of the undemanding  actions that gentlemen perform which have not changed through the years.  Brett attributes his mother as the mastermind behind his perspective on interactions with women, “If you want a woman to stay, be a gentleman and treat her with respect.”  With such important traits of a gentleman mentioned, Brett also imparts the significance of a pacifist approach.  “A gentleman doesn’t resort to his fists.  He knows when to walk away, yet he stands up for what he believes in.  Instead, he fights with his words,” Brett explicates.  Being a gentleman is not a painstaking, arduous task, and anyone can carry themselves as a resolute man of chivalry.


A true gentleman with a plethora of knowledge, Brett is a cordial individual who’s gallantry is exuded in everything that he does.  A thoughtful character with the kindest of dispositions, Brett is a true example of modern chivalry. The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Brett “Seuss” Freeland as a true purveyor of the gentleman lifestyle and look forward to his future fortunes.  If you are in the market for vintage sports wear, don’t forget to check out his shop “Sugoi Vintage” on Instagram, Depop, and Mercari!

Brett also wanted to extend a special thanks to his family and friends for all the support but most importantly his mom and his girlfriend Chanelle.  His final words of wisdom were to  “Always think before you speak, and be considerate to peoples feelings because you never know what is going on in their lives.”

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