Life of a Gent: The Impassioned Adviser


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.

It’s 12:31AM, and the mostly vacant gymnasium is hushed by the monotonous murmur of vacuums from janitorial workers accompanied by the piercing clash of metallic plates striking the ground.  Most lie in the comfort of their den at this ostentatious hour, but the few that remain are motivated and engaged in their exercises.  The antithesis to the roaring activity of the peak hours of business, this gym only contains individuals that are tenacious enough to take an austere path towards their goals.  Entering the gym, one man exudes an affable vibrancy that captivates the attention of others; as this type of liveliness is much too uncommon at this late hour. Providing a well spirited greeting to companions and acquaintances, this man is incredibly versed in the art of conversation but completes his cordialities expeditiously.  By being a congenial character of unmistakable confidence, he remains a character that provides a robust perspective on life while having a knack for engaging dialogue. A true gentleman with an internal persistence to flourish, Matt Nguyen is an indomitable individual with a convivial personality that inspires others to succeed.


A carefree, affirmative individual, Matt attributes harsh circumstances to the powerful conviction he imbues in others.  When most adolescences were worrying about their academics and social interactions in middle school, Matt witnessed first hand the obstacles that life delivers.  Witnessing the effects of two cycles of chemotherapy treatments on his mother provided him with a deep understanding of the unfortunate events that individuals face, and the lack of parental figures, due to his separated parents working diligently to pay bills, showed him the strength needed to be an independent individual.  Facing other challenges, Matt turned to substance abuse at a young age to cope with the pain he felt from his circumstances.  “I did amounts that you hear people die from… lethal dosages,” Matt uttered solemnly.  A true purveyor of success, Matt was able to drastically change his life through the meeting of his mentors whom offered him direction to stray from his deleterious path. Through his personal hardships, Matt found strength by rising above his circumstances and becoming the jovial individual who offers the same positive support to others.


Through his own mentors, Matt was inspired to radiate support to those who lacked direction in their lives.  Coming from the hardships that he endured, Matt is driven to imbue hope unto others to show that their past situations do not define their future.  Seeing the financial problems that his own family had to face inspired him to pursue an unconventional path that is both personally and financially rewarding.  “I want to be there when my kids are doing drugs.  I want to be there to talk to them and provide support,” Matt emphatically declares.  Finding the personal strength to overcome detrimental obstacles is the true mark of a gentleman and Matt’s life goal is to make a substantial difference in the lives of others.


When asked for his personal definition of a gentleman Matt emphasized self-sufficiency.  “A gentleman knows how to take care of themselves and can hold down the fort for his family,” Matt explains.  A gentleman is self-aware and knows that it is unreasonable to believe that you will be agreeable to all others.  “A gentleman knows who they are and knows that they are not going to agree with everyone; and that is fine. A gentleman has patience with people” he explicates.  Impeccable manners and robust communication skills define the gentleman because he needs to communicate effectively and efficiently in order to divulge his vision.  An experienced individual versed in chivalry, Matt speaks with familiarity when describing the phenomenal traits of a true gentleman.


A true mentor understands the need for his own constant self-development to empower others to change their live.  A strong individual with a powerful purpose, Matt displays the traits of a true leader in the face of adversity.  Instead of allowing his circumstances to negatively affect his life, Matt metamorphosed them into powerful strengths that will aid others and offer them hope in bleak situations.  Therefore, the Minimalistic Gent recognizes Matt Nguyen as a true purveyor of the gentleman lifestyle and cannot wait to see the impeccable work he will accomplish!

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