After dropping off my Audi A4 to the body and fender shop for a quick repair job, I wasn’t in the greatest of moods; feeling victimized by the minor scratches and dents caused by an elderly gentleman backing up into my brand new car.  Alas, I had a facile experience dropping off my car, and was on my way to the Enterprise rent-a-car to find my temporary vehicle.

Upon entering the courtesy shuttle, I met a wonderfully affable gentleman by the name of Patrick who was intrigued by the zany, eccentric individual that was wearing a suit and tie in the smoldering heat (me).  Conversing with Patrick altered my mood significantly, and I was truly thankful I had such a jovial individual next to me.  His car was newly purchased as well but suffered significant damage that would take weeks (this put some perspective on my small situation). 

When talking about careers, that was when the mood changed.  Patrick was appreciative of his pension and insurance coverage that provided him a modest lifestyle, but his words echo in my mind to this day:

“You know I didn’t make that much money working when I was younger, but at least I don’t have to worry about my health bills because of the company’s insurance.”

It wasn’t the words he said that reverberated in my being… it was the regretful tone I heard when he reminisced of his youth.  A fine gentleman whom I would be enthralled to share a meal with, but it pained me to no end hearing that sentence he solemnly uttered.  To this day, whenever I feel unmotivated or lethargic, I remind myself on a daily basis:


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