Live and Die By Customer Service

Customer service is the difference between frequenting a location and abhorring another.

My favorite bit of advice from a customer service expert was “customers come to you because of your products and return because of the customer service.” This was a great lesson, but no truth holds more adamant than the significance of excellent customer service.

Eating at a Dim Sum restaurant in town, I was not expecting exceptional service (due to the speed and efficiency they exhibit). Enjoying our meal, we found a small eyelash had made it’s way to the plate of one of our sticky rice dishes, and we brought it to the attention to the wait staff.

Incredibly apologetic at the minor inconvenience, the waiter returned with a brand new sticky rice dish while taking the original one off of our bill. Simple and effective customer service at it’s finest.

That’s not where the story ends though. 

The extraordinary service was furthered by the manager coming to our table apologizing and mentioning that he had taken another item off of the bill because of the inconvenience.  Amazed at their commitment to service, we were more than pleased at the experience.

Did I tell you about the dessert?

To top things off, the manager returned with two mango puddings to show his sincerest apologies. I have rarely encountered service at this level, and I was thoroughly impressed by the experience.  

The guest recovery process that this restaurant endeavored in may have cost them maybe $5 -$10, but they now have a lifelong customer who has returned at every opportune. 

Businesses live and die by customer service!

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