Hour of Stair-Master

An insight into what is going on in my mind!

5 minutes: “This is going to be rough hour… but I’ve done this before! Stay PositiveAF!”

10 minutes: “Why did I tell Instagram that I was going to do an hour of stairs? Now I HAVE to do this!”

20 minutes: “This isn’t so bad! I got this! Shred life is on!”

30 minutes: “This is bad! My right knee is hurting, and I’m having a hard time pushing through…”

40 minutes: “It’s actually not that bad. i sure am hungry though!”

50 minutes: “If I jump off now… no-one would ever know. I could just say I did an hour :D!”

55 minutes: “There’s no way I’m quitting now! Push through the pain!”

56 minutes: “Crap! I don’t got this… abort the mission!”

58 minutes: “Don’t look at the time… don’t look…. aargh I looked!”

60 minutes: “I knew I could do it… and it was all worth it!”


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