I Almost Gave Up on the 2019 Honolulu Marathon

This was one of the hardest endeavors I’ve embarked on… and the race didn’t even start!

Surprisingly, after a year of preparation, I almost gave up on this dream of finishing the marathon. Due to a lower back injury from bboying, I was ready to give up on the 2019 marathon and set my sights on instead completing the 2020 marathon!

Boy was I in pain 😭! Literally two days before the race, I attempted to train and barely ran a half mile 😫! The pain was too much for my mind to handle!

Furthermore, I also competed in a bboying competition the day before the race which further aggravated my back! In my mind, this was the perfect excuse to back out on this 26.2 mile trek.

To get some guidance on this matter, I texted my good friend Geph to see his opinion on the matter (Geph had helped me prepare for this event). At first he agreed that I should value my back and concurred that it was a bummer that I was going to miss this event that I trained throughout the year for.  That would’ve given me just the right excuse to give up!

Two minutes later he texted again to say… “You know what Daniel. I think you should still do it. Your back may hurt for days, weeks, or even months… but the satisfaction of completing something you set out to do at the beginning of the year would be well worth it!”

If it wasn’t for the encouragement, I would have slept in on that Sunday, I wouldn’t have the completion medal and a shirt, and I would not have the satisfying feeling of completing my first marathon.

Thank you Geph for the faith in my capabilities!

Lesson of the day: Encourage others to be greater than their mindset allows 🙏!


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