Time moves on…

Life throws gems your way in the most subtle, curious ways…

Tuesday morning rolled in, and I realized I had to pick up mail from my old house.  Although it was a simple, mundane task to say the least, I was met with a surprise sitting on a table in the living room.  An unpretentious relic of the past, my grandfather’s travel humidor and cigar cutter sat above his golf items.

Cigars have been a new hobby of mine that has surprisingly made a significant impact on my life, and I only recognized those trinkets due to my newfound pastime. What a realization this had for me… my grandfather smoked cigars at one point of his life.  Although this would seem frivolous, it hit my heart in a significant way.

I was adopted by my grandparents in their years of retirement, and they were the heroes of my childhood.  Never had I ever learned that my grandfather would enjoy a nice cigar from time to time. How many facets of their life were I unaware of? I only knew them in retirement, and that was a good 60 years of unawareness. What experiences did they share in their youth that I will never know about?

Imagining all of that leaves a warm feeling in my heart.  My grandfather loved to play golf, and I always remember him returning when I awoke for school with such a joyous expression on his face.  Life threw this little gem at me in the most arbitrary ways, but I am so happy to have it hit me in adulthood than not at all.

Imagine all of the minute aspects of the lives of your loved ones that you have not shared.  Use this as a lesson to share as many experiential tidbits as you can because time moves on whether we want it to or not.

#LivepositiveAF, and share all of the stories you can with your loved ones because you never know when the story you craft will be over! Your story will eventually come to an end, but the legacy you leave on others will never be forgotten.


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