Steps to Destroying Negative Habits!

It’s never a bad idea to analyze your current routine and make a change!

It’s another beautiful day to supersede your ego and scrutinize the multitudinous of habits that either positively or negatively impact your voracious goals.  An extraordinary amount of noteworthy individuals attribute their success to non-negotiable habits that fill their day.  Thus, the idealistically pragmatic approach to becoming more effective at your endeavors should be to eliminate any unfavorable routines immediately and to start fresh at this very instance.  Unfortunately, this is not realistic, and the dilemma of changing habits is often more of an arduous undertaking than a facile extrication of one’s negative routines that have become the status quo.

To begin with, the opportunity to change and reinvent your detrimental habits is ubiquitous in that it encompasses numerous facets of your life.  Instead of initially tackling a plan, I think it would be remarkable to first envision who you would become if these habits were altered. It might be helpful to envisage your idealistic lifestyle with the personality traits you would need to adopt to make this become a reality.  You could contemplate on an individual that has already attained your version of success, and think of the daily habits they needed to undertake to be in the position that they are today. Therefore, this begins the undemanding first tranquil step where you envision the possibilities of who you would become if you ameliorate the routines you engage in.

I have found that a great second step is to scribble down all of your troubling habits.  Change begins with analysis, but it is more effective when attached to an appealing goal. Find that goal from your consciousness and be fervent in modifying your behaviors before scribbling anything.  Once that is clear and non-negotiable in your mind, write the specific goals with an attainable yet demanding timeline.  Be unambiguous with your succinct goals because any lack of concision will lead to a cacophony of misinterpretation leading to catastrophic failure.  In addition, I advise you to be incandescent in writing all of the practices you engage in that subvert your successes.  This allows a sincere look into your potential timeline and allows for an expeditious way to attain your version of success.

Finally, the implementation of your plan to change begins with diminutive yet constant transposition of your new desirable habits into your daily life.  This is not the time for lofty, divergent measures that are not maintainable.  Those type of actions will only allow for you to regress quickly once your initial passion subsides.  Fervent, fathomless goals will inadvertently be adhered to for short periods of time, but the goal is to make habits that are committed to and built upon.  Be averse to fervid moments, and instead be committed to indelible tendencies that produce the worthwhile results you initially hoped for. Start small, but be indefatigable in avoiding regressive behavior.

Growth is a continual journey that involves both setbacks and triumphs. Unfortunately, it is not a linear pathway that will be effortless in its pursuit.  Through each successive new habit, new challenges arise, but being dauntless in the face of change will ensure you will eventually reach the goals that will be crucial to your version of success! Stay #positiveAF, and I can’t wait to hear of your success!


Today: There’s No Other Day Quite Like It

Instead of living in the hopeful future, I think it would be a fantastic idea to live in the existing present!

If ever you need to find rationale in being unapologetically jubilant today, think of all the aspects of life that you can be appreciative towards.  If you really discern the rationality of your present situation, you may find that your titanic worries are momentary issues that only seek to trouble your mind.

You’re on this site reading this article which means you woke up this morning with a sophisticated device that opens the world of possibilities when it comes to commerce, interpersonal communication, and entertainment.  It is incredibly easy to forget those minute aspects of our daily life that we take for granted; especially when we lose perspective of the rest of the world.

Instead of complaining constantly on the status quo of situations, I think it would be great to live in the present moment and enjoy the multitudinous fleeting characteristics of life’s wonderful journey!

It’s going to be a great day!

Moments of Crisis

When stifled by a negative situation, it is key to emphasize the aspects of life that you can control!

Covid-19 stemmed from the Corona virus has asphyxiated our society in an unforeseen way. Many have seen the situation deracinate the comfortable lifestyle they once lived, and the closure of a multitude of locations deny the ethereal pleasure that everyone once enjoyed.  The raison d’etre for this article is not to be a somber reminder of the pessimistic views we may have towards the current circumstances.  Rather this is a reminder of the possible opportunity that we have been presented; leaving those negative feelings askew.

In the face of this epidemic, we need to be cautious yet unyielding on our will to still find jubilation in our daily lives.  Although we are unable to alter the privations caused by the state of current events, we can allow ourselves to find happiness through the opportunities this situations presents itself.

Time is a facet of life that always seemed to circumvent us before this situation, and this virus has allowed this aspect of life to be freed up.  I think it would be a fantastic idea to think about the proliferation of garnering knowledge on subject matters that you find deep passion in.  In the internet age, we are given so much freedom to educate and exercise our mind (I’ve learned from a YouTube video how to change my headlights which has given me a false sense of credence in my automotive competence, but I digress).  Without adequate time available, it was easy to indulge in the insularity of being a dilettante in various subject matter.  Now is the time to really take that step to becoming a connoisseur at that particular topic that you find both enriching and gratifying.

I know that financial burden has been placed upon a great deal of families, and my heart goes out to everyone, but dwelling on that fact will only lead to implacable anxiety and uncompromising stress.  Instead, I propose to utilize this time effectively as a means to look deep into your consciousness to find what possibilities are available. It is futile to constantly be morose over the state of affairs we are faced with that are out of our control.

Stemming from the teachings of Tilman Fertitta, billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Houston Rockets (among many other accomplishments), we forget that bad times will happen when things are good and good times are coming when they are bad.  I couldn’t agree more with that, and we need to understand that like all other bad things in life, better times are upon us!

Stay PositiveAF, and utilize this time to the fullest in however way you deem fit.  The overwhelming negativity we face is all stemmed from a neutral event that does not have to define you to a life of sorrowful solitude.  Instead, it can be an opportunity to pursue didactic endeavors that you never before had the time for!

Time moves on…

Life throws gems your way in the most subtle, curious ways…

Tuesday morning rolled in, and I realized I had to pick up mail from my old house.  Although it was a simple, mundane task to say the least, I was met with a surprise sitting on a table in the living room.  An unpretentious relic of the past, my grandfather’s travel humidor and cigar cutter sat above his golf items.

Cigars have been a new hobby of mine that has surprisingly made a significant impact on my life, and I only recognized those trinkets due to my newfound pastime. What a realization this had for me… my grandfather smoked cigars at one point of his life.  Although this would seem frivolous, it hit my heart in a significant way.

I was adopted by my grandparents in their years of retirement, and they were the heroes of my childhood.  Never had I ever learned that my grandfather would enjoy a nice cigar from time to time. How many facets of their life were I unaware of? I only knew them in retirement, and that was a good 60 years of unawareness. What experiences did they share in their youth that I will never know about?

Imagining all of that leaves a warm feeling in my heart.  My grandfather loved to play golf, and I always remember him returning when I awoke for school with such a joyous expression on his face.  Life threw this little gem at me in the most arbitrary ways, but I am so happy to have it hit me in adulthood than not at all.

Imagine all of the minute aspects of the lives of your loved ones that you have not shared.  Use this as a lesson to share as many experiential tidbits as you can because time moves on whether we want it to or not.

#LivepositiveAF, and share all of the stories you can with your loved ones because you never know when the story you craft will be over! Your story will eventually come to an end, but the legacy you leave on others will never be forgotten.

I Almost Gave Up on the 2019 Honolulu Marathon

This was one of the hardest endeavors I’ve embarked on… and the race didn’t even start!

Surprisingly, after a year of preparation, I almost gave up on this dream of finishing the marathon. Due to a lower back injury from bboying, I was ready to give up on the 2019 marathon and set my sights on instead completing the 2020 marathon!

Boy was I in pain 😭! Literally two days before the race, I attempted to train and barely ran a half mile 😫! The pain was too much for my mind to handle!

Furthermore, I also competed in a bboying competition the day before the race which further aggravated my back! In my mind, this was the perfect excuse to back out on this 26.2 mile trek.

To get some guidance on this matter, I texted my good friend Geph to see his opinion on the matter (Geph had helped me prepare for this event). At first he agreed that I should value my back and concurred that it was a bummer that I was going to miss this event that I trained throughout the year for.  That would’ve given me just the right excuse to give up!

Two minutes later he texted again to say… “You know what Daniel. I think you should still do it. Your back may hurt for days, weeks, or even months… but the satisfaction of completing something you set out to do at the beginning of the year would be well worth it!”

If it wasn’t for the encouragement, I would have slept in on that Sunday, I wouldn’t have the completion medal and a shirt, and I would not have the satisfying feeling of completing my first marathon.

Thank you Geph for the faith in my capabilities!

Lesson of the day: Encourage others to be greater than their mindset allows 🙏!

In Memorandum of Mom!

I just wanted to share a few little stories to show who Philomina Akana was to me

Who here’s a morning person? I used to think I was a morning person, but my grandma would be up at 4:45am sharp everyday without the need for any alarm.  She’d immediately hit the ground running; preparing a ham or turkey sandwich for grandpa’s morning golf, making breakfast for my aunt, and ensuring that we were set up to have the most successful day possible. She would prepare papaya, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, melons, and my least favorite prunes.

She made sure we had our prunes to prevent…  irregularity of the bowels! Our household ate prosperously every morning. I remember vividly that only after she had prepared everyone else’s food, would she have her slices of cheddar cheese, soda crackers, and coffee while reading the daily paper. She did this every morning without fail showing that not only was consistency important but devoted care to her family.

I remember being woken up to the loud cracking of my door knob when it was time to get ready for school. Grandma always lovingly reminded me that it was time to wake up which of course as an adolescent… you don’t. I always hit the snooze button. As a teen you never get up on the first alarm which is why you wait for the second… or fifth in my case. 

After realizing that I was not about to get out of bed on my own, grandma would come in five minutes later briskly taking off my blanket and offering logical advice that unfortunately made so much sense, “you know what son… you should’ve slept earlier. You knew you had to wake up early!”

Her dedication to her family’s wellbeing showed me the strength that one loving person can have for not only their whole family but their friends as well.  Every Thanksgiving my grandma and grandpa would work tirelessly thru the morning to make the “perfect” Thanksgiving meal. When I say perfect, it was always something I looked forward to throughout the year. Those that got to enjoy their cooking know how delicious that meal was.  

Feeding the family an unforgettable meal was so important to her but sharing that work with friends was equally crucial. I can reminisce about going with grandma to the neighbors’ houses as a young boy bringing turkey, stuffing, desserts, and anything that we could share with our neighbors. In her mind that day was a day to share the joys that her family experienced with her friends! As a kid to my late teens, I remember bringing food in those styrofoam to-go boxes from the Chinese restaurants we used to eat at.  The food was carefully packed together in the Hawaiian Sun soda half boxes to make sure they got to their destination safely. Grandma sure was resourceful!

I learned generosity and commitment to others through this woman’s love for the world, and maybe I can share one last story to end my little segment.  When I had heard my grandma’s passing, my world imploded. It was unrealistic to me even though I had tried to mentally prepare the week before when she told me these last words. She looked me dead in the eye and told me, “this might be our last talk.” She had already known life was nearing its end. The one thing she chose to say to me was the most loving statement ever:

“Son you brought so much joy to papa and I in our old age.”

I will never forget this remark, and I will forever be left in service to this world in spreading the love that she and grandpa showed to me all my life. 

The story doesn’t end there though. It was a weird day. My alarm didn’t go off, and I had slept in on accident. That morning, I got the saddening text from my dad reassuring all of us that although grandma was no longer with us, grandma passed away peacefully. 

I left to go to the hospice which took a decent amount of time because it was storming all the way from Mililani until i got to the hospice. Heavy rain filled the air, and the roads were flooded. Filled with sadness I eventually got to the hospice, entered the room, and placed one final kiss on grandma’s forehead.  I noticed she had a faint but distinguishable smile to let everyone know that although she was no longer here physically, she’d always be with us in our hearts. 

In the parking lot, the strangest thing happened. The sun was out with not a single cloud in sight. I almost thought I was hallucinating, but the little droplets of water were still on the cars outside. The sun was out, and I felt a comforting warmth which to me was grandma saying everything is going to be alright! Even to this day, she still looks out for my well being and looks out for yours as well! Anyways that was the stories I wanted to share!

Philomina Akana rest in the love that you gave this world I love you with all my heart! 

Always Be My Maybe: Analysis on Society Norms

The duality between uncompromising excuses and unfiltered ambition

When I found out that a Rom-Com was coming out on Netflix starring Ali Wong and Randall Park, I radiantly jumped out of bed to my alarm of Buddha sutras, excitedly woke up my family while singing the Fresh off the Boat song, and loudly knocked on my neighbor’s door to enlighten them about the progressive presence of Asian-Americans in film!

In all serious though, I was electrified to say the least (and I rarely get excited to sit still on a couch to consume any kind of content that is purely for pleasure). After an hour and 41 minutes, I truly relished in the feelings of delight I had upon making this movie a part of my day.  Enjoying the story and antics, I felt compelled to write this quick analysis on the insights this movie had on societal norms.  Even though this is more about an analysis on each character’s personality traits rather than a story summation, I’ll mention…



Now that the logistical housekeeping stuff is done, I can again say that I enjoyed the movie.  An allegory of the duplexity of gender norms in society, I could go on about the cute plot, well-placed jokes, surprising A-list celebrity cameos, and catchy songs that I enjoyed, but I want to delve into the contemporary views of the compromise that needs to occur in order to be #successful and #happy these days.

Ali Wong’s character Sasha is in constant conflict with her feelings and ambitions when dealing with Randall Park’s character Marcus.  Although their boisterous squabbles bring joy to the audience and the farcical events that they encounter stem from a myriad of relationship problems only a well-versed marriage counselor would tackle, there is a simple underlying consistent theme in the disparity of their viewpoints.  Their outlooks on “change” is what truly separates the couple from being happy.

Sasha is a world-class celebrity chef who sees change as extremely exciting.  Her character flaw is portrayed in the movie as being so engulfed with her ambitions that her personal happiness has taken a toll over the years.  For Sasha, change is the entirety of where she finds her fulfillment which is where the dissension with Marcus comes from.  Marcus is highly resistant to any kind of change.  After 15 years, he is still living at the same home, playing with the same band, and making excuses to cover-up this unwillingness to make any revisions to his current lifestyle.  Although he is happy, society sees him as a failure due to his cowardice towards pursuing new and exciting ideas which shows in his lack of financial freedom.  Eventually compromise is undertaken on Marcus’ end in fully enveloping himself unto a positive disposition on his attitude towards new scenarios and the couple is able to live happily ever after.

After all this banter, what do I want to say? Society can view you however it wants.  What truly matters is being fully enveloped in happiness that is right for you.  Although this is no PSA notice in regards to going full throttle on any endeavor that comes your way or instead to be completely abhorrent towards the idea of progress, never allow societal pressures to rule your life completely.  Be acceptant of new ideas, but stay true to who you truly are as a person.  Whatever excites you, do that more often!  Society may paint a picture to view Sasha as successful and Marcus as happy, but it is up to you to interpret what will bring YOU a fulfilled life.

Value your own ideas, carve your own path, and stay POSITIVE AF!


Hour of Stair-Master

An insight into what is going on in my mind!

5 minutes: “This is going to be rough hour… but I’ve done this before! Stay PositiveAF!”

10 minutes: “Why did I tell Instagram that I was going to do an hour of stairs? Now I HAVE to do this!”

20 minutes: “This isn’t so bad! I got this! Shred life is on!”

30 minutes: “This is bad! My right knee is hurting, and I’m having a hard time pushing through…”

40 minutes: “It’s actually not that bad. i sure am hungry though!”

50 minutes: “If I jump off now… no-one would ever know. I could just say I did an hour :D!”

55 minutes: “There’s no way I’m quitting now! Push through the pain!”

56 minutes: “Crap! I don’t got this… abort the mission!”

58 minutes: “Don’t look at the time… don’t look…. aargh I looked!”

60 minutes: “I knew I could do it… and it was all worth it!”