3 Reasons to Purchase From A Luxury Brand!

The Minimalistic Gent advocates for quality over quantity on all purchases.  Careful and planned purchases usually lead to greater returns on the joy that you receive from an item.  To help inform you fellow gents on what to look for in these high end purchases, we compiled this list of things to look for. These are the three reasons you should buy items from a luxury brand:

1. Exceptional Quality

The best quality items are made from the best materials by skilled artisans.  Clearly stated, hand made items are something we suggest going for.  Luxury brands that stand behind their handmade products are usually an excellent place to start when searching for breathtaking items. We recommend these Salvatore Ferragamo loafers which are handmade in Italy.  The quality and comfort of these types of loafers are of a high caliber and the resiliency of the materials will leave you happy for a long time!


2. Limited Quantity

Exclusivity usually helps in the aspect of boosting your love of an item.  A limited run of production makes the demand for items sky rocket which will further your appreciation for the object.  Brand recognition can help in networking opportunities to help exude the feeling of class that you want to portray, and attentive gents will definitely notice.  A Bourbon connoisseur’s dream is the Old Rip Van Winkle 25 year-old bourbon.  With only 710 bottles made in existence, this extremely aged bourbon would make for the ultimate party drink with a guest.  Exclusivity at this level ensures that the experience of drinking this bourbon can never be replicated.  Therefore, a limited run on items can increase the worthiness of an item exponentially!

3. Outstanding Value

Even items that are not exclusive can bring someone immense value if you really enjoy the item or if it serves a unique purpose.  The value you find in the object needs to be titanic or it is not the item for you.  Since we are on a path of minimizing as much as possible, there is no room for items that serve no value.  The cost of the item should be greatly outweighed by the disproportionate value you receive from owning this item.  We love our luxury watches at the Minimalistic Gent, and we would recommend the Rolex Yacht-Master II in yellow gold as a watch that will not only make you feel world class but show it to the world as well!

Luxury brands can be quite expensive, but making wise choices is imperative to ensure your hard-earned money goes to outstanding products.  We here at the Minimalistic Gent are extremely big on spending extra for items that can last a lifetime or offer one of a kind experiences. Find what items can enrich and excite your life through their quality and exclusivity, and let us know down below what you find!

3 Techniques To Minimize Your Possessions!

Getting rid of items is essential to living the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle! How you go about doing that though can be a daunting process with no clear beginning.  Taking the first step is pivotal in maximizing your life and reaching the potential that you deserve to attain. These are the three techniques we believe are the most effective in minimizing your possessions:


1.Set A Space Limit!

One way to easily decipher what can stay in your list of possessions is having a spatial limit as to what can go where.  If you let yourself only have a set amount of closet space, it will be an easily quantifiable amount.  Even a list of how many items you can keep will ensure you stick to your minimizing goal (example could be that you can only have seven shirts).  The limit you set is extremely flexible but starting with that would ensure efficiency.


2. Minimize Over A Time Period (not one sitting)!

Like any life goal this is not a sprint but a marathon.  Being a minimalist is a drastically different life decision, and you shouldn’t be afraid to slowly reduce your items.  A good tip of mine is to go through the week and see what items are not utilized.  Any item that hasn’t been used during that time period is unnecessary in your daily life, and you will have an easier time ridding yourself of that product.  Habits form over a period of time.   It is easier to allow yourself to work over an extended period than to pressure yourself to purge everything in one sitting.


3. Let Go and Donate!

Helping let go and donating can be beneficial to others as well.  Keeping the altruistic portion of this lifestyle change can help you get rid of things quicker and easier.  Donating items is an amazing gesture that could potentially change someone else’s life.  Small acts of kindness make the world of difference and donating will build your sense of selflessness and is key to the gentleman lifestyle!

There are techniques that will help you on this journey of minimalistic behaviors.  This lifestyle change that may be extreme to some, but the benefits are immense.  Being clutter free and living with less items is your choice and it will set you up to be the best gentleman you can be!

3 Ways To Get Ridiculous Amounts of Work Done!

We know you are all extremely busy individuals.  Today though we are giving you three essential tips to utterly annihilate all that you have to do! Time is of the essence so here are the three ways to get lots of work done:


1. Destroy All Distractions

Distractions are everywhere and detract from your performance.  If possible, turn your phone off and rid yourself of everything that does not help in the work you are doing.  When answering other people’s needs and wants (like answering emails and phone calls), you put your time at their mercy and are not able to utilize your time as your own.  Get rid of all distractions that can keep you from doing your work and your efficiency will skyrocket!


2. Have Goals in Mind

If you write your goals the chances of you accomplishing it grow to ridiculous levels.  Incremental goals that are specific yet quantifiable are the best kinds of goals that will ensure you maximize your potential.  Before going to bed each day, jot down all of your goals for the coming day and you will be sure to accomplish them.


3. Take Breaks

We are not machines that can work incessantly.  Without breaks you will experience burnout that will decrease your efficiency and effectiveness.  We cannot recommend a perfect break system, but you need to find out what works for you.  Some of us need more frequent breaks to keep our attention level at peak levels, and some need less breaks.  Your break system will all depends on your focus level and how intense your work is (for some a five minute break on the hour is sufficient and for some a 30 minute break every couple of hours works).

Staying extremely efficient and getting the most out of your day is pivotal to being a Minimalistic Gent.  Minimizing your possessions is only one part of the equation, and the other aspect is maximizing your efficiency.  We can’t wait to see what you accomplish here at Minimalistic Gent!



5 Board Games For Dinner Parties!

Entertainment is an exciting aspect of gatherings that can be the ice breaker for meeting new party guests.  If there are new guests that you’ve never met before, what better way to introduce yourselves than a fun and exciting board game.  We at the Minimalistic Gent recommend games that are both classic and easy to learn.  Games that are too complex can lead to frustration and boredom among guests which can be an instant party ruiner.  Here are the five board games we recommend to boost the excitement and laughs at your next party:

1. Monopoly

Given an extended amount of time, Monopoly is a great way to enjoy the company of others.  Granted this is not the best choice if there is a time limit on the party, Monopoly has an air of sophistication that guests will appreciate.  Monopoly games can be extremely time consuming but very rewarding.  Stay competitive and well-mannered and you will be sure to impress your guests.  By choosing this game, it shows that you enjoy your guests company so much that you would love them to stay for an extended period of time!

2. Scrabble

What better way to demonstrate your vivid language than through the Scrabble board game.  Guests will be astounded at your prowess of the English language, and this game may lead to new knowledge on words you haven’t fathomed using before.  Scrabble is still a decently time consuming game, but it is a classic game that can show confidence in your own abilities to decipher and create magnificent words.

3. Yahtzee

Dice rolling has never been so fun.  Yahtzee allows for a quick game that is still substantial enough to get your guests attention.  The simple scoring system is riddled with complex strategies that can lead to an air of competitiveness with guests.  Explaining the rules to newcomers may take a little while, but expect a great time once everyone understands the game’s mechanics (don’t forget to yell Yahtzee when the time is right)!

4. Chinese Checkers

Both easy to setup and easy to play, this extremely casual game helps keep games less about the rules and more about the interactions.  Up to six players can play, and it will lead to a quick board game that any guest can enjoy.  This could be the best introduction to guests that are not used to playing board games because of the simplistic rules.  The tone of the party will be set as casually fun, and your guests will understand that a fun and entertaining night awaits them.

5. Jenga

The quickest game on this list; prepare for your guests to stand up.  Jenga is always known for its edge of the seat, nail biting pressure scenarios that are sure to get a laugh out of guests.  Our favorite part about Jenga is the setup.  The setup is extraordinarily easy and the space requirements are minimal.  Get ready for the party to liven up immediately with this game due to the toppling wooden tower.

Party board games are a great way to network with individuals you are meeting for the first time.  It helps new guests to feel much more comfortable in your house and leads to an amazing experience that everyone will remember.  Great food, great company, and great entertainment are the keys to a successful dinner party that you can throw in confidence.  Let us know your favorite board game down below, and we can’t wait to hear of your phenomenal parties!

5 Dining Etiquette Tips You Need to Know To Make A Better Impression!

Whether it be a first date, a business meeting, or a group gathering, you want to make a solid impression on the individuals you meet.  You are there not only to enjoy splendid food, but to improve your relations with those around you.  These are the five rules that will help you make an amazing first impression:IMG_0017.JPG

1. Be Courteous

The way you act at the table will say a lot about who you are as a person. It is a given that you need to be courteous to your guest, but it is equally important on how you carry yourself with the wait staff.  If you are rude and impatient with the wait staff, how will it be any different outside of the restaurant atmosphere. Therefore, an integral part of dining is courtesy to everyone you see during this experience!


2. Keep Your Dining Area Neat

Let’s be honest, things can get messy at the dining table (flaky bread gets everywhere, pasta sauce tarnishes white table cloths, and wine spills everywhere). The way you carry your side of the table means a lot to how well presented of a person you are.  Use your napkin to clean up sauces, push bread crumbs off the side of the table, and keep your utensils organized. Do not be extra meticulous and try to clean the other side of the table; only worry about the area in front of you.  Cleaning your guests’ area is a nonverbal cue of calling them messy and unrefined!


3. Have Conversation Ideas In Mind

No one likes a boring person! Before you go into the meal, think of a few conversation starters that will not only help you get to know the person a little better but will garner information that you think is pivotal in this encounter. Lead the conversation, but be a good listener when it is their time to discuss. Conversation topics are like the salt and pepper shakers at the table.  A little bit of each makes a dish splendid but too much can lead to disaster.


4. Pay The Bill

Have you ever gone to a restaurant with someone and the host of your party tells the wait staff “separate checks please.” It often leads to an awkwardness than can be avoided from the beginning. Although it can be hard to pick up the tab on larger parties, when it is a one on one interaction, be sure to offer to pay the bill. Even the subtle act of receiving the bill and paying it without batting an eye leaves an amazing impression on the other person. They may not say anything at first, but it does put you in a powerful position to leave that perfect first impression. Try it out and let us know your experience!


5. Tip Generously

A few extra dollars can go a long way when it comes to tipping. If you tip at least 20% of your bill, it leaves an impression on the wait staff that may help to better service in the future. This restaurant or bar could become a staple place for meetings and what better way to arrive and be greeted by name in future encounters. Being greeted by name is surely a way to awe your guest with an air of mystery as to who you are.  You may have your own opinions on tipping policies, but this is how we at Minimalistic Gent behave at our favorite locations!

Now that you know the five tips to make a great first impression, go out there and conquer. We here at Minimalistic Gent are committed to helping you put your best foot forward! If you have any questions please leave it below!