3 Questions To Ask Before Your First Luxury Watch Purchase!

To many gentleman a watch is more than just an instrument to tell a wandering stranger the time. Watches exude class and a tiny snippet as to who you are as a person. They nonverbally cue that you are a responsible and timely person that is able to get things done.  With all this emanating from a simple watch, it is important to find the one that matches your personality and compliments your unique style.  Here are the three things you need to think about before making your first luxury watch purchase.

1. When Will I Wear This Watch?

The very first thing you need to think about when purchasing a watch is its purpose.  Are you an experienced diver that needs to take his watch on expeditions at extreme depths? Are you a cutthroat business executive that will be in meetings throughout the day? Are you an entrepreneur that frequently travels and needs to have two different time zones on his wrist at all time? These are all questions to ask that will lead to the type of watch that will fit your needs.  Watches have features that can make them water proof to extreme depths, shine and impress those around you, and display multiple time zones on one dial.  Think about where you will mostly be using your watch, and this will quickly allude you to the right watch that you need!

2. Do I Even Like How It Looks?

If you don’t like how the watch looks, you won’t wear it.  Just because someone else owns a watch, doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you.  We at Minimalistic Gent recommend going to the actual boutiques and trying a few pieces on before purchasing.  Due to everyone’s wrists being different sizes, some watches will look better on others.  If the act of putting on your watch doesn’t brighten up your morning a little bit, it’s not the watch for you.  Watches are supposed to be fun, and you need to purchase a watch that you enjoy wearing above all else!

3. Why Is This Watch Special?

In the world of watches there are a plethora of choices.  Each watch has something unique that will draw your attention, but there has to be a reason for why you like the watch.  You may not intrinsically know the exact reason and some watches may just resonate with you causing you to gravitate to that model, but there is a reason.  Inability to quantify exactly why you like a watch isn’t a bad thing, but you have to love the watch you are purchasing in order for it to be a happy and momentous experience.  Some things to think about though are brand recognition, exclusivity, movement type, resale value, and resilience to damage.  Whatever the reason is, the watch has to be special so that you can enjoy it to the fullest on a daily basis.

In conclusion, these are the three questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a luxury watch.  The hardest realization for myself was really understanding that I can only wear one watch at any given time (least I look foolish with one on each wrist).  That led me to really minimize my watch collection and only keep the pieces that I really loved.  Above all else, it should be a fun and exciting experience that can mark a significant moment in time!

3 Reasons You NEED A Watch!

What is the one quintessential piece that any gentleman needs in his possession? This question has been asked since the dawn of time, and we are no more closer to the answer than our forefathers before us. Alas, today I argue in favor of a simple chronological piece that adorns the wrist of many. Today we’re talking watches (cue Ben Clymer’s voice).


Reason #1: Watches allude to timeliness and punctuality.

A gentleman always arrives early to the party. Punctuality is a key component to showing others your sophistication and maturity when it comes to promises. Sometimes it seems as if time is passing by at an extraordinary rate, and there is never enough time to get everything done. Although many fall into this trap, if you make a promise to be at a certain place, be there. Make the time to be early because noone likes to wait (especially that beautiful girl you just met from the coffee shop). Watches are an indication of this attentiveness to punctuality; a key ingredient to making amazing first impressions.


Reason #2: A watch is a standalone accessory

Minimalistic Gent prides itself on making becoming a gentleman easy. I’m a very simple person, and having a watch provides that little bit of uniqueness to any outfit I am going to wear. Personally, I don’t wear any jewelry outside of this piece, so I make sure I get a watch that screams my personality. To minimize the insane thought processes needed to accessorize appropriately for each occasion, stick to a watch.


Reason #3: Watches have historical importance.

Watches can connect us to a generation before us, and it can connect to future generations. Lineage comes into play and what better way to connect on your sons 18th birthday, than to give him your prized and coveted watch! Passing watches through the generations can be a new and exciting family tradition that will ensure your accomplishments will go on in history for years to come!


Therefore, these are among some of the many reasons that you NEED a watch on your wrist. As a gentleman it’s important to have a watch that shows you value time. It’s a great addition to all of your wardrobe and will be the statement piece that helps you meet future clients and maybe that cute girl from the coffee shop!

5 Watches For The Gentleman That Wants To Be Taken Seriously!

Watches have transcended their function of just being an instrument to tell time. They carry a strong sense of image in a professional career, they tell a story of your financial prowess, and they are great conversation topics to break the ice with potential clients.  To keep you from deteriorating your image it is pivotal you know which watch to get. I can’t count how many times I’ve made a sale because of the watch I was wearing. It is a great conversation piece, and it gives the people you meet a sense of your sophistication and maturity. The following are the five watches that will make a statement and help you to garner the respect you deserve from others:

1. Rolex GMT Master II Ref: 116710 BLNR (The Watch All Collectors Want)


When it comes to a wrist watch, I find that the best conversation starters are watches that have either an interesting detail or a rarity that only true connoisseurs would appreciate. This watch has both! The black and blue split bezel truly gives this Rolex a strong sense of uniqueness that can be spotted a mile away. It is also easily recognized as a Rolex which can help even those who don’t know watches see that you mean business. Good luck finding one for a great price because demand for this watch is extremely high, but if you do find one you will not be disappointed with the level of satisfaction you will get from wearing it!


2. OMEGA Speedmaster Professional (The Moon Watch)


This watch was the first watch worn on the moon… is there anything else you need to know? The iconic Speedmaster Professional has garnered the respect of many for having a very strong design presence with a great history as being the first watch worn by astronauts on July 21, 1969. If that isn’t a cool fact that will start a conversation with someone, you need to find different company. There are so many iterations of this watch that you need to do a little research to find which one works for you. It also isn’t the most expensive watch on this list, but none can deny the amount of impact this watch has had on the world of horology.


3. Rolex Day-Date 40 in 18K Rose Gold (Not Your Grandfather’s Watch)


I could spot someone wearing this watch 100 yards away! In fact while on my recent vacation, I saw the rose gold glint of this watch from across the pool deck. What better way to dazzle and garner someone’s attention than with a bright rose gold Rolex. It does carry a little bit of weight as compared to the other watches on this list due to the 18K of gold that are present in this watch. I do still believe this is a great modern watch to wear for those that aren’t afraid of a little bit of gold. This definitely isn’t your grandfathers watch, but it could be your future grandsons!


4. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rose Gold On A Strap (Because the “Brick” is Too Heavy)


I am a huge fan of the “brick” (the Royal Oak on it’s rose gold bracelet), but I am not a fan of wearing the “brick.” Although it commands attention, the wear and tear on the wrist and forearm are tremendous. If you ever get the chance, go into a dealer and put this watch on. You’ll instantly understand why it is nicknamed the “brick.” I’m a big advocate for being comfortable, so the Royal Oak in rose gold on a strap is much more manageable. This Audemars Piguet still garners attention from colleagues and associates, but it is comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.


5. Jacob and Co. Astronomia Tourbillon (Destroy the Competition)


Nothing quite commands attention than a 50mm watch of the universe that spins on a three axis tourbillon around the entire watch as it oscillates (I didn’t even get to the diamonds). I’m not a fan of big watches, but seeing this instantly sets an individual high above the rest of the pack. This is not the watch for the faint of heart as a look at the price could make an individual faint, but it is a complicated watch that is extremely revolutionary in design and presentation. If you don’t believe me, head over to YouTube and search up this watch. It truly is a fantastic art piece that is mesmerizing to watch. If you want respect, this watch will give it to you!

Watches mean much more to the average gentleman than a way to tell time. Most can just look at their smart phone and find a much more accurate time than any of these pieces above. If you want to be respected though, you deserve one of these tremendous time pieces to show the world that you are a classy gentleman with a good sense of taste!