A New Perspective to Collecting Items

A true gentleman knows that clutter and disorganization are two of the key ineffectual habits that inhibits productivity.  As individuals who still enjoy the grandeurs of life, a modern approach to the acquisition of items needs to be taken in order to reduce the stress associated with a large amount of possessions.

Accumulating a plethora of goods has become a typical status quo of what it means to be a purveyor of success.  As previous curators of anything collectible, we too once felt the incessant need to purchase additional items in order to find the temporary boost of contentment from the ownership of something fresh.  Unfortunately, this feeling is fleeting and is not an interminable path to elation, so an avant-garde alternative would be to change your personal definition of collecting.


Instead of collecting mass amounts of items, resolve to procure only the upscale, precious items that virtuosos appreciate.  Eliminating the cursory enjoyment you receive from constant purchases, delve into the realm of collecting significant, unforgettable pieces that any connoisseur would appreciate.  Whatever you are collecting and find value from, commit to downsizing the collection to fund the acquisition of the items of most magnificence in that particular sector.  Seemingly counter-intuitive, this instead enables you to relinquish items that are not as pivotal to your curation of items and enables you freedom of space to really appreciate the nonpareil items that others will admire.


An example of the conceptualization of this divergent idea can pertain to a gentleman’s watch collection.  There is a functional limitation of only needing to wear a singular watch on one’s wrist at any given moment.  Therefore, downsizing a collection of 12 watches would potentially allow for the purchase of higher-end watches with stronger value propositions.  Having three impressively expensive, high-quality watches would instead enable one the ability to upgrade into the grandeur of a connoisseur’s collection of opulence instead of a huge collection of clutter.


In your pursuit of an unparalleled, condensed collection you will understand that in almost all collecting habits there is always a better item that is perhaps more expensive or exclusive.  This truth enables you to still find deep enjoyment in the hobby of collecting but in a different contemporary way.  With the example of watches, you are limited to three high-end solid watches.  The pleasure derived from this collecting process is from the choices made on what items can remain and which ones must be removed.  Frequent upgrades are possible in this collecting style which will not take away the euphoria experienced from the purchase of new, fresh products. Being concise with your collection means removing items to fund or upgrade new ones; enabling you to attain items you never thought was possible.


Frankly, being a minimalist takes discipline, and being an austere gentleman who is rigid on his accumulation of possessions requires onerous decisions that are not natural to many.  Due to factors such as the eminence of social media, many see the accumulation of large quantities as an indication of success.  In reality though, the upkeep of titanic collections leads to unnecessary stress stemmed from living a profligate lifestyle.  In your journey of cultivating your gentleman persona, you also need to cultivate your collecting habits to be concise, prestigious, and significant.  Many minimalists will advocate for the total abandonment of any type of collecting habits, but we believe that fulfillment can come from items if they are invaluable to you.  The negative term hoarder comes from the idea of uncontrollable, habitual collecting, so find the items that are most pivotal in your collection to ensure you are viewed as the prestigious gentleman that has a keen eye to the majestic splendors of the world.


Life of a Gent: The Impassioned Adviser


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.

It’s 12:31AM, and the mostly vacant gymnasium is hushed by the monotonous murmur of vacuums from janitorial workers accompanied by the piercing clash of metallic plates striking the ground.  Most lie in the comfort of their den at this ostentatious hour, but the few that remain are motivated and engaged in their exercises.  The antithesis to the roaring activity of the peak hours of business, this gym only contains individuals that are tenacious enough to take an austere path towards their goals.  Entering the gym, one man exudes an affable vibrancy that captivates the attention of others; as this type of liveliness is much too uncommon at this late hour. Providing a well spirited greeting to companions and acquaintances, this man is incredibly versed in the art of conversation but completes his cordialities expeditiously.  By being a congenial character of unmistakable confidence, he remains a character that provides a robust perspective on life while having a knack for engaging dialogue. A true gentleman with an internal persistence to flourish, Matt Nguyen is an indomitable individual with a convivial personality that inspires others to succeed.


A carefree, affirmative individual, Matt attributes harsh circumstances to the powerful conviction he imbues in others.  When most adolescences were worrying about their academics and social interactions in middle school, Matt witnessed first hand the obstacles that life delivers.  Witnessing the effects of two cycles of chemotherapy treatments on his mother provided him with a deep understanding of the unfortunate events that individuals face, and the lack of parental figures, due to his separated parents working diligently to pay bills, showed him the strength needed to be an independent individual.  Facing other challenges, Matt turned to substance abuse at a young age to cope with the pain he felt from his circumstances.  “I did amounts that you hear people die from… lethal dosages,” Matt uttered solemnly.  A true purveyor of success, Matt was able to drastically change his life through the meeting of his mentors whom offered him direction to stray from his deleterious path. Through his personal hardships, Matt found strength by rising above his circumstances and becoming the jovial individual who offers the same positive support to others.


Through his own mentors, Matt was inspired to radiate support to those who lacked direction in their lives.  Coming from the hardships that he endured, Matt is driven to imbue hope unto others to show that their past situations do not define their future.  Seeing the financial problems that his own family had to face inspired him to pursue an unconventional path that is both personally and financially rewarding.  “I want to be there when my kids are doing drugs.  I want to be there to talk to them and provide support,” Matt emphatically declares.  Finding the personal strength to overcome detrimental obstacles is the true mark of a gentleman and Matt’s life goal is to make a substantial difference in the lives of others.


When asked for his personal definition of a gentleman Matt emphasized self-sufficiency.  “A gentleman knows how to take care of themselves and can hold down the fort for his family,” Matt explains.  A gentleman is self-aware and knows that it is unreasonable to believe that you will be agreeable to all others.  “A gentleman knows who they are and knows that they are not going to agree with everyone; and that is fine. A gentleman has patience with people” he explicates.  Impeccable manners and robust communication skills define the gentleman because he needs to communicate effectively and efficiently in order to divulge his vision.  An experienced individual versed in chivalry, Matt speaks with familiarity when describing the phenomenal traits of a true gentleman.


A true mentor understands the need for his own constant self-development to empower others to change their live.  A strong individual with a powerful purpose, Matt displays the traits of a true leader in the face of adversity.  Instead of allowing his circumstances to negatively affect his life, Matt metamorphosed them into powerful strengths that will aid others and offer them hope in bleak situations.  Therefore, the Minimalistic Gent recognizes Matt Nguyen as a true purveyor of the gentleman lifestyle and cannot wait to see the impeccable work he will accomplish!

Life of a Gent: The Vintage Curator


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.

IMG_7543.JPG“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” a quote that sums up the work of the engaging gentleman we interviewed. Brett “Seuss” Freeland is a multi-faceted individual who is known for his endeavors as a hockey player, soccer player, skateboarder, graffiti artist, bboy (breakdancer), and vintage thrifter.  His pastimes are plentiful, but his main pursuit is functioning as the founder and curator of “Sugoi Vintage,” a shop that collects and sells vintage clothing and accessories.  Brett’s personal endeavors led him to finding his passion in vintage items, and his passion for his craft is extremely evident.  A riveting gentleman with an eagerness to learn, Brett carries himself with a sophisticated and gripping comportment of a distinguished man.


Through pain and hardship, Brett was able to found the famed “Sugoi Vintage.” While letting his life tumble into a spiral of mischief, Brett tried to find positive outlets for his repressed emotions.  Finding bboying and physical activity as a conduit for his negative emotions, Brett needed to find something more mentally fulfilling; which he found through thrifting. “I love the hunt of finding new things.  When I pull up to the parking lot of the thrift store, it’s like getting ready for a treasure hunt,” Brett explains.  An incredibly salubrious venture that requires intense assiduity when it comes to looking through untold amounts of products, Brett found his remedy to his unfavorable circumstances through the procurement of older items.


Through an extended colloquy with Brett, his fascination into the avocation of vintage thrifting was made evident. The humble beginnings of “Sugoi Vintage” were rooted in a hobbyists perspective, “I was inspired by Gazzelli Sport Vintage posting tracksuits and practice gear.  He inspired me to try to find the freshest gear so that all the homies look fresh.” While rummaging through his extensive assemblage of inventory, his comprehensive understanding of the vintage market was remarkably evident.  Providing a plethora of narratives on his account of the stories of each item, Brett was particularly keen on the sentimental pieces of his collection.  A true archivist of the chronicles of the creation of clothing, Brett shared extensive information on the practices of various companies in the 80’s and 90’s which gave us a glance at his appreciation of these older items.


As a practitioner of the gentleman lifestyle, Brett explains the ease at which any man can be a gentleman.  “It isn’t hard to be nice,” Brett emphatically begins with.  Instead of the gentleman lifestyle being an unattainable feat, he advocates that there are simple acts that everyone can do.  Opening doors for women and respecting elders are just two examples of the undemanding  actions that gentlemen perform which have not changed through the years.  Brett attributes his mother as the mastermind behind his perspective on interactions with women, “If you want a woman to stay, be a gentleman and treat her with respect.”  With such important traits of a gentleman mentioned, Brett also imparts the significance of a pacifist approach.  “A gentleman doesn’t resort to his fists.  He knows when to walk away, yet he stands up for what he believes in.  Instead, he fights with his words,” Brett explicates.  Being a gentleman is not a painstaking, arduous task, and anyone can carry themselves as a resolute man of chivalry.


A true gentleman with a plethora of knowledge, Brett is a cordial individual who’s gallantry is exuded in everything that he does.  A thoughtful character with the kindest of dispositions, Brett is a true example of modern chivalry. The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Brett “Seuss” Freeland as a true purveyor of the gentleman lifestyle and look forward to his future fortunes.  If you are in the market for vintage sports wear, don’t forget to check out his shop “Sugoi Vintage” on Instagram, Depop, and Mercari!

Brett also wanted to extend a special thanks to his family and friends for all the support but most importantly his mom and his girlfriend Chanelle.  His final words of wisdom were to  “Always think before you speak, and be considerate to peoples feelings because you never know what is going on in their lives.”

Life of a Gent: The Chivalrous Mechanic


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.

IMG_7435.JPGA jovial spirit with a radiant outlook on life, Dominic “Dom” Concordia is a man whom knows how pivotal chivalry is for a riveting gentleman.  Having a winsome charm that can be characterized by his captivating conversation skills, he is a man that is always ready to savor the mirth of exciting festivities.  With a distinctive style that shows his depth and understanding of modern fashion, Dom exemplifies the balance of being both trendy and individualistic. A gentleman at heart who knows the grandeur of savoring life as it comes, Dom finds his personal passion in the robustness of customizing and repairing exotic, chic automobiles.


Overcoming distressing misfortune aided in the formation of Dom’s conviction to find ways to demolish adversity. Dom remembers hitting rock bottom after losing his job and being unemployed for five months. “It was an eye-opening experience.  I was spending more money than I was earning, and I felt the helplessness with the bills piling up,” Dom reminisces.  To make matters even more dreadful, his six year long relationship took a turn for the worst and ended while in this abysmal state of his life. Dom was left in a heap of trouble with his life spiraling into a disarray of chaos, but eventually, he was able to find a resolution to his troubles by pursuing his infatuation with cars.  Through helping friends and acquaintances in the repairs of their cars, he was able to pull himself out of this isolated and vulnerable situation.  Finding an opportunity and not dwelling on his misfortunes helped Dom to reshape his life dramatically.


Conversing with Dom enabled us to really observe his unfathomable appreciation for automobiles and the way they function.  A prominent figure in the world of exotic cars, Dom has done extensive work on his own car which can be seen and heard through the rumbles of his modified engine.  Dodging hefty speed bumps and being meticulous about parking shows the care and attention he has for the wellbeing of his modified steed, yet he is always the first to offer transportation to friends which attests to his benevolent nature.  Dom is a person that adores his car, but is unabashed when it comes to helping associates in their time of need.


Being a purveyor of the gentleman lifestyle, Dom states the importance of being both humble and chivalrous.  Having the conviction to be wholesomely honest with oneself is an important characteristic that should be pivotal in how one lives his life. Instead of “fronting,” a gentleman should be completely candid with his lifestyle.  In addition, “A gentleman should not only have a confident persona, he needs to treat women with respect,” Dom explains.  The mannerisms of a true gentleman should be both imposing yet welcoming.  Whilst it is incredibly important to be interesting and idiosyncratic, chivalry towards the opposite sex should be astonishingly sensational always; a trait Dom learned growing up in his household. Someone who epitomizes this persona of a modern chivalrous gentleman for Dom is the great David Beckham.  “Even though he is all tatted (having a plethora of tattoos), he is a total badass that ladies love.” The bravado a gentleman should have towards manners, when dealing with women, is extremely pivotal to Dom’s definition of a gentleman which can be seen through his personal everyday persona and the way he carries himself among others.


Through stark adversity, Dom was able to find his fondness of exotic automobile culture and was able to find a niche that he could thrive in.  By being true to himself and being the chivalrous individual he was raised to be, he has found his definition of a gentleman and exudes it with gracious class.  The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Dominic “Dom” Concordia as a true purveyor of the gentleman lifestyle, and we can not wait to see his future endeavors!

Becoming a Connoisseur of Vocabulary

The purveyor of the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle is a well-spoken individual with a vicarious desire to be distinct.  By having a thirst for knowledge and expanding your prowess of the English language, you will become the riveting gentleman that everyone desires to be like.  


Becoming the captivating gentleman that is the focal point of any gathering seems like an onerous, inconceivable task that many stray away from. Making the metamorphosis from a lackluster individual to the fascinating gent can be a simple, facile venture that any can undertake; given the right skill set.  The virtuosity of any compelling gentleman is not only chivalrous manners and a keen sense of style, a gentleman must possess a robust vocabulary that portrays his mastery of the idioms of the English language.  Therefore, fulfilling the aspiration to become a superior conversationalist can be undertaken by constantly refining one’s proficiency at language.


To begin one’s peregrination of becoming a more fascinating, divergent gentleman, one needs to understand their own short-comings.  The decrepitude of vocabulary is not abnormal, and only through the acceptance of your deficiency can you proceed to destroy your own personal limitations.  All true virtuosos of the English language started from humble beginnings, and knowing that there are others whom speak with an air of sophistication should galvanize yourself into understanding your potential.


Having a fondness of the idiosyncrasies of vocabulary will lead to a facile, linear path to the multiplication of one’s capacity for language acquisition.  By enjoying the journey of the perpetual thirst for knowledge is pivotal to absorbing as much information as possible. Seeing the act of studying vocabulary as a monotonous activity will hinder one’s personal growth in this aspect.  If you instead envision the grandeur of becoming a more engaging gentleman though, you will expedite the process unconsciously.  Enjoying the peregrination of language acquisition eliminates one’s own hindrance on improvement and will empower you to become the idealistic gentleman you wish to become.


Finally, understanding that the acquisition of vocabulary will never end will ensure you stay committed to this pursuit of knowledge.  A quick look at any dictionary will offer a perspective on the vastness of nomenclatures there are in the English language.  Taking a sustained approach to one’s personal academics will lead to a prodigious bank of vocabulary words over a period of time.  Even the act of utilizing two or three new words on a daily basis will formulate the framework for one’s success.


A gentleman is compelling and offers others his own sense of refinement through the finesse he exhibits in his speech.  Taking the grand endeavor to cultivate one’s personal linguistic expertise will lead to the splendor that can only be seen by a purveyor of the jargons of English.  Although basic communication does not require an extensive list of words, true gentleman know the advantages of a robust vocabulary!

Minimalistic Gent’s Guide to Organizing your Accessories

Thoughtful arrangement of your prized possessions is pivotal to your new found persona as a Minimalistic Gent.  Living with less, high quality items is a prodigious change in your lifestyle, and by making meticulous decisions on the tools that aid in organization, you will disassociate yourself from the inefficient clutter that threatens your efficiency.

Organization begins with the most practical item any gentleman needs; a minimalistic wallet.  A utilitarian, simple wallet that is both minimal in design and extremely functional is pivotal to the beginnings of diminishing ones belongings.  Having a strict constraint on what can be carried in one’s wallet necessitates the prominence of each card that resides within the confines of the modern leather wallet.  Embarking on the arduous decision of selecting critical pieces in a limiting medium is the start of a minimal lifestyle.

Owning a top-notch, all encompassing accessory box will enable you to own one captivating center piece that can hold all the items of opulence a gentleman needs.  By investing in a higher quality accessory box, you ensure that you minimize the need for replacement, and you also provide an equally luscious dwelling for all of the magnificent accessories that you own.  By enabling yourself a pleasant medium to hold all your accessories, you maximize your efficiency and reduce the time needed to find said items. Having all of your grandeur items in one bundle empowers you to be an organized gentleman who has exceptional taste in finest of luxuries.

Every exceptional outfit begins with intriguing shoes crafted from the finest of materials, and organization of these items will also increase their lifespan.  This bamboo three tier shoe rack permits you an area to keep all of your coveted pairs of shoes in one area while looking extravagantly simple.  Furrowing through a cluttered stack of shoes is a sure way to waste time and can be detrimental to keeping the integrity of your well crafted shoes.  Have an area set aside by the door to allow for your shoes to be kept in a safe place and you will increase the organization of your living space and allow your shoes the space they need to retain their form and nature.

Making the sedulous decision to be a Minimalistic Gent comes with a great deal of changes within everyday life.  By allocating your resources into items that maximize your efficiency, you will allow yourself the appropriate elegance in your living space to be the utmost gentleman you can possibly be.  Accessories are the spice of any gentleman’s wardrobe, and only by organizing them in all-encompassing yet minimal pieces will you be able to stay methodical in the management of your items.

Minimalistic Gent’s Guide to Being Unconventional

Being an immensely robust individual who is supremely adept at projecting a divergent lifestyle from the norm is a nerve-racking experience filled with the persecution of smaller minded individuals.  The distinct perspective of being an uncommon individual is extremely pivotal to your well-being as a consciously self-aware gentleman.  The only way to truly embrace your maximal gentleman self is by being the best at what you love to do and providing yourself with the work ethic to attain such a feat.  The fine art of luxurious excellence and confidence is befitting of a man of your aptitude, and with enough exertion and patience, you will achieve your goals.


Although it may seem daunting at first, it is pivotal to keep your mind constantly challenged to improve your personal standing in life.  Finding solace in comfort is a sure way to ensure that you fall short of achieving your personal endeavors.  Engaging in activities that provide rewarding experiences should be undertaken with furious conviction, and the amplification of your mindset through accomplishing these formidable tasks will resonate brightly in a way that was before thought impossible.


To ensure you set the right avenue and make the correct decisions to put yourself in the best position to succeed, it is important to surround yourself with corresponding like-minded individuals.  The famous quote “misery loves company,” is extremely germane in this context, and the individuals who are not ready to pursue greater goals will err you to disassociate your mind from your undertakings.  By finding other studious and courageous colleagues and acquaintances, your network will expand and force you to irrefutably chase your wildest of aspirations.


Excellence is within your grasp if you are willing to tackle the unconventional path that you truly believe in.  By metamorphosing into the quintessential gentleman that you envision, you will be more apt to perform the arduous task of being an individual in a harsh and unrelenting society.  The Minimalistic Gent is ecstatic to hear the process of your significant undertaking and can not wait to see your phenomenal achievements!

Life of a Gent: The Illustrious Hustler


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.


Alex “Axel” Dahl is a sedulous individual whom understands the necessity of constant amelioration in yourself to maximize your potential . A perplexing individual whom specializes in the knowledge of “street wear,” (articles of clothing and accessories that are released in limited quantity and have a high resale value) Alex is well-versed in the propriety of working hard.  An avid reseller and participant in the grandeur of street wear, Alex is known for his compelling, congenial disposition that is unforgettable at every outing.  Through bboying (break dancing), Alex displays his artistic creativeness and has seen much success in this area of his life. A true gentleman at heart, Alex is a master at the social arts which is demonstrative of his outgoing and heart-warming presence.

IMG_7166.JPGA true pioneer, Alex has faced many adversities that have imparted him with valuable experience.  Recently moving to Washington DC, Alex had to start life anew in a hard-pressed area that was significantly away from his friends and family.  With immense effort and a commitment to adapting, he was able to establish stability in this unfamiliar environment and proceeded his start into the street wear culture.  Giving up everything and starting anew is not something that is facile, and Alex endured the struggles to put him in the advantageous position that he is in now.

IMG_7167.JPGAlex is a true purveyor of Hip Hop culture which can be seen through his love of street wear and bboying.  Understanding the need to dress the part of the role you want to portray, Alex dresses in the casual yet distinguishable clothes that are well recognized for their exorbitant costs.  Looking the part is only the first step, and Alex understands the commitment that one has to make in order to excel at their craft.  An innovative artist who excels at bboying, Alex is not satisfied with performing dance moves that the masses are able to.  Instead, he exhibits his passion for being distinct and unforgettable which  are the key foundations of his dance style.  Furthermore, the ambitious nature that he received from dance competitions have fueled his personal life choices in order to live a successful lifestyle in an unconventional way.


When asked about his definition of a gentleman, Alex exclaimed a need for respectfulness.  “A true gentleman has respect for another person and it shows on how they treat others.  It may take years of learning, but the most important thing a gentleman does is respect women,” Alex remarked.  A true purveyor of his definition, Alex shows the utmost respect when meeting new individuals which is paramount to understanding why others regard him so highly.  Being a memorable young gentleman, Alex also has a deep reverence for elderly individuals and offers them exceptional admiration which is a testament to his chivalrous nature.  A true gentleman at heart, Alex’s vivacious nature can be seen in his main advice for other gentleman, “Just don’t be a douche bag, and you’ll be fine.”


The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Alex “Axel” Dahl as a true purveyor of the gentleman lifestyle.  By having a distinct, fun-loving attitude towards life, Alex exemplifies the respectful nature of an ever-growing gentleman.  His hard work ethic has led him to always see the grandeur of possibilities rather than insubstantial obstacles which is why we look forward to seeing his future successes!


3 Tips To Find Your Passion in Life!

The Minimalistic Gent is committed to helping you find exactly what makes you happy in life.  Finding your passion can be a difficult and extremely time consuming endeavor, but it is key to your well being.  Finding the self-awareness within yourself to find your passion can be made easier through these three tips:


1. Think About What You Already Like!

Are you afraid of truly pursuing what you enjoy? A deep fear of failure can deter individual from really accomplishing what they want to do.  Think about the consequences of not doing what you love though.  If failure is your biggest fear, remember that you can also fail at things that you don’t like (so you might as well go for the things that do bring you joy).


2. Be Open Minded To Suggestions!

Sometimes our friends and family see something in ourselves that we can not.  If you find that your inner circle of friends constantly compliments you on a talent or your family encourages you to do something with a trait you have, it may lead you in the direction you need.   Although we believe that you need to find your passion on your own, suggestions may be helpful to take that leap you always wanted to take!


3. Try New Things!

Many of us have a variety of habits and routines that are comfortable in our lives.  Sometimes stepping out of that comfort zone will lead you to find something you really enjoy.  One of the most random excursions to a rock climbing gym was extremely exhilarating and mind opening for myself.  Granted this is not my passion, I am glad I was able to do something different and find out myself.  The more activities you try, the more knowledge you will gain. Only then will you be able to make an internal decision on whether you love doing this or not.  Go out and try new things because you’ll never know if you’ll find your passion along the way!

Finding your passion is important to your happiness. Becoming self-aware of what you are amazing at will take some time, but you will be happy you made the effort to change your life.  We can’t wait to hear what passions you decide to pursue at Minimalistic Gent!