A Gentleman Gone Too Early: Mac Miller Rest in Peace


“A lotus flower shines most beautiful in the murkiest of waters” Mac Miller explains when describing his prominent neck tattoo.  Malcom James “Mac Miller” McCormick was a gentleman whom battled tremendous adversities while keeping a sensible and inspiring attitude towards life.  Infamous for being a slick lyricist who smoothly rapped about the more visceral aspects of his life, Mac Miller was a self-taught musician who was proficient at the piano, guitar, drums, and bass. A true purveyor and lover of hip-hop, pragmatic is hardly the word ever seen in the same sentence as Mac Miller.  An atypical and perplexing individual who was never afraid to be himself, his imprudent light-hearted comments rarely disappointed in bringing an exuberant smile to the other party.  Allowing himself to accept his own personal faults, Mac Miller signaled an honest and enjoyable atmosphere that others admired.


Starting at the age of 15 Mac Miller started rapping at a young age, becoming insanely devoted to becoming an aficionado of Hip Hop.  Despite the ostentatious amounts of dismissive comments based from  race-related detestation, Mac Miller was able to absolve himself of the deficient disparages that belittled his devotion to his craft.   Friends recalled him being present at school but his justification for attendance was not under the pretext of the formal education system of school.  Instead, he displayed his conviction to rap by utilizing school as a medium to promote his passions to other students.   The dedication that Mac Miller displayed at a young age molded him into the diligent rap persona that thrived on when he reached adult-hood.


A gentleman at heart, Mac Miller distinguished himself by being self-aware of his personal struggles and life perspective. As a man not afraid to discuss his personal short-comings Mac Miller understood himself as a work in progress.   His deep appreciation of the level of success he received was well understood, and his down-to-earth attitude exemplified his personal confidence in everything he did.  Evident in his composure and extremely powerful work ethic, Mac Miller differentiated from others by being audacious enough to exemplify his unfiltered self and allowing others to evaluate their thoughts on him.  A well-dressed individual who was well-versed in the arts of Hip Hop, Mac Miller’s grungy casual style reflected his care free attitude in life; a key component to his gentleman style.


Stemmed from feelings of loneliness and unhappiness, Mac Miller had a constantly vocalized battle with drug usage which led to his untimely passing.  Although he was an outlandish individual who was flamboyant and unconventional, he was an avant-garde presence in the Hip Hop community.  By exemplifying the fearlessness of being bold and removing the need to filter yourself in modern society, Mac Miller exemplified what it meant to be an individual.  A true gentleman who found his life passion, Mac Miller’s music will continue to resonate with individuals embodying the gallantry of being one’s self in all aspects of life.

3 Tips To Find A Place To Eat!

We’ve all been there! The dreaded question comes up; where are we going to eat? It’s one of the biggest time wasters in any conversation space and can be a hair pulling experience.  To help alleviate the stress and anxiety that arises with this question, we’ve categorized three tips to ensure you find somewhere to eat in a timely fashion:


1. Know Dietary Concerns!

This will help eliminate a large amount of places if your guest has a dietary concern. Keep this in mind before even suggesting a venue because lack of knowledge in this avenue will surely work against you by showing your apathetic feelings towards a concerning aspect of their life.  Knowing what an individual can eat will also help zone in on places that are still acceptable for dining.  Make sure you keep a note of your friends’ allergies and preferences for food because it is pivotal to show that you care and value that person!


2. Know Where You Ate Last

To keep things fresh and new, keep in mind the place that you ate at previously with that guest.  Finding different places to eat ensures that your guest will feel like the gathering is both exciting and fresh.  Be adventurous and spontaneous by suggesting new places, but also be understanding if they want to go to the same spot.  Your guests will be ecstatic whenever the opportunity arises to have a get together. You remember what places you’ve eaten at and know exactly where to go on the next adventure together.


3. Do Your Research the Night Before

Being known as the individual who eats at all the great restaurants is a great reputation to have, and it will have friends constantly asking you for suggestions.  This enables you to be known as the interesting and daring fellow who is the go to gentleman for food suggestions.  I know this doesn’t sound glamorous, but five minutes before you go to bed spend the time finding out what other restaurants are out there.  If you are going on a date the following day, with no venue picked yet, the extra few minutes will make the world of difference to your interaction with your guest(s). The internet is a strong tool to find information expediently at the touch of a few buttons.  Therefore, there is no excuse not to know what places are trending and have good customer reviews.  That little bit of effort goes a long way in impressing your guests by finding an excellent place to dine in!

There are a variety of ways to minimize the daunting question of “where should we eat?” It is an extremely easy to answer question if you have a collection of places in mind by doing quick research and remembering other’s suggestions.  Knowing a plethora of restaurants with different dining styles is a status symbol in itself.  You will be the gentleman that is not afraid to try new and exciting restaurants and whom knows all the best spots in town. Knowledge is power and your knowledge on food will impress everyone you meet while saving you precious time that should instead be used on eating and enjoying everyone’s company!

Life of a Gent: The Breakthrough Contender


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.


Pursuing an unconventional path that is frowned upon by the masses is an exceptionally grueling endeavor that causes an individual to undergo feelings of being outcast by the majority.  The inimitable style of Ryan “Saga” Sagayaga proves that the eccentric goals of a true visionary can command phenomenal triumphs.  An idiosyncratic practitioner of freestyle soccer (a self-expressive art form utilizing a soccer ball to do monumental tricks), Ryan has had his own journey in self-awareness; finding fulfillment that has molded his life . A sharp dresser in his own right, Ryan’s eclectic style is definitely notable.  A devotion to acute presence belies his extremely benevolent character which is indefatigable in the face of adversity which is why he has become a relevant competitor in the quickly growing freestyle soccer scene.


A conspicuous deviation from traditional soccer, freestyle soccer led to problematic disagreements with Ryan’s team mates and coaches.  Constant belittlement from the companions that shared his same passion for soccer was a frequentative event that forced Ryan to triumph in his passion and excel at it. “They didn’t understand the significance of what I was trying to do at the time,”  Ryan says when talking about the views his team and coach had on the art form he was trying to project.  In addition, Ryan’s constant battle on a day-to-day basis stemmed not only from the projections of other’s opinion, it also spanned within himself as Ryan battles with depression. “It’s a constant struggle on the daily to deal with my emotions,” he mentions when it comes to practice and staying motivated.  Despite all of these unreasonable obstacles, Ryan still excels as the only freestyle soccer artist in Hawaii.


A stark contrast from the norm, Ryan’s style of dress is an amalgamation of various contemporary influences  such as tech wear, street wear, and athletic wear.  Confidence in your personal style is something Ryan definitely embodies, and he is able to comfortable put together a disarray of seemingly unrelated garments to construct the captivating wholesome ensembles that he proudly dons. A true fashionista with an inventiveness for creativity, Ryan is able to stand out as an unmistakable character that exudes confidence in anything he does.


When it comes to his definition of a gentleman, Ryan articulates the importance of being unique and believing in your own inherent poised disposition.  The foundation of his philosophy is that “a gentleman knows himself and is confident in taking risks.” Being humble is a defining characteristic of a gentleman, and the pursuit of a divergent, successful lifestyle is an astounding phenomenon that society does not necessarily have to accept.  His definition resonates extremely well with what he himself had to go through; starting off as a freestyle soccer practitioner. Through his sponsor at Paradise Soccer Club, Ryan was introduced to the importance of “giving without expecting.” Empowering yourself with the understanding that acts of kindness should be done without expecting anything in return was a lesson that resonated with Ryan’s ideology of a gentleman.


The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Ryan “Saga” Sagayaga as a true practitioner of the gentleman style.  By vanquishing his hardships and displaying an unbarring indefatigable motivation towards his pursuit, he has become the sole-proprieter of the freestyle soccer art form in Hawaii.  By demolishing all obstacles that have stood in his way, Ryan stood out amongst his colleagues and developed unique sense of style that continues to inspire others.  Innovators have the curse of being ridiculed for being different, but the unceasing passion Ryan exudes guarantees his future successes in freestyle soccer.

3 Random Acts That Will Exude The Gentleman Lifestyle!

The gentleman lifestyle is extremely desirable for a variety of people.  The aura of a dependable, enigmatic, and respectful individual can be a valuable persona that will enable you to easier meet new individuals.  In pursuit of this perception from others, there are small steps that you can take to become the noble gentleman you desire to be. These are the three random things you can do to take the first step towards gent status:


1. Keep Your Car Clean

Both inside and out, keeping your car clean shows people your attention to detail and commitment to cleanliness.  Although they may not explicitly say it, others judge you on the upkeep of your daily driven vehicle.  Messiness is often viewed negatively in other’s minds which leads to a feeling of irresponsibility.  It definitely is a shallow way to look at things, which we do not support, but it is something that is meaningful especially when meeting new individuals.  A gentleman can be ostentatious and ferocious in life but also possess cleanliness that is impeccable.


2. Offer Compliments

In today’s society, offering compliments can be seen as intrusive and littered with ulterior motives.  That should not be the case, and offering genuine commendations can help brighten up someone else’s day.  Do be careful to only offer true remarks that you stand behind because no one enjoys flattering remarks that have no substance behind them.  By giving false compliments, you will be known as the man who is inauthentic and sly which will push others to not believe in anything you say. Strive to compliment at least one person a day on something that you believe is deserving of it, and you will find that other’s outlook on your personality changes positively. Part of a gentleman’s legend is that he always knows how to make others feel great about themselves.


3. Keep Commitments

Contemporary society is riddled with opportunities at every turn and a missed appointment is all too common these days.  It is all too common for others to make obligations and then quickly cancel once a better option opens up.  Don’t be known as the guy who you can never be trusted to keep commitments.  Instead, be known as the gent who’s word is his bond and can be trusted to be at his committed appointments on time. A gentleman keeps track of his schedule and puts his commitments on a pedestal that must be met.

Therefore, taking these small steps and pursuing the gentleman lifestyle will enable more opportunities to find their way towards you.  The road to becoming a gent may be a long one, but taking the first leap towards self improvement will be definitely worth it at the end.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned for more daily blogs from the Minimalistic Gent!

Are Street Wear Brands Luxury Brands?

The rise of street wear has been swift from small subculture to being featured on celebrities and actors alike.  This once underground fashion style has resonated with huge audiences over recent years, and many are led with questions about street wear and their place in the market.  Due to the exclusivity, prices, and brand awareness, we at the Minimalistic Gent believe that they can be categorized as luxury brands in today’s society.



The main attraction that gets A-list celebrities wearing street wear is the exclusivity and lack of stock.  Brands like Bape and Supreme spread their releases across various dates while controlling the supply to produce an air of exclusivity also found in luxury products.  Street wear brands are extremely proficient at not meeting the demand for their products, much like luxury brands, so they control their respective markets exceptionally well.  Lineups are immense around these stores when they release their product; reaching record amounts of individuals that want their hands on these coveted items.  The fact that exclusivity is at such extreme heights means that street wear brands are wanted on a grand scale which makes them comparable to the exclusive luxury brands that limit their supply.



Street wear can be comparable to luxury brands in price.  Although they may lack the quality that we at the Minimalistic Gent advocate for, we can’t deny the exuberant prices street wear comes in at.  An example of an item would be the iconic Bape shark hoodie (cotton hoodie) which starts at around $405 in stores.  The brand still does well and is able to instantly sell out of their stock every single release.  Prices are extremely high in street wear which is comparable to other introductory luxury brands and that’s without even going into the exuberant second hand market (where prices can even be double of what the retail is). The infamous box logo tee from Supreme is iconic enough to be extremely desired and can go on the secondary market for prices easily exceeding $1,000.  This is an insane markup from the t-shirt that was purchased for about $148 from the Supreme store.  The price range that street wear brands can reach is extensive, but it is comparable to the price ranges of various luxury brands.


Brand Awareness

Street wear has evolved from the confides of a select few people wearing it to being common place in media.  Seeing an A-list celebrity wear a street wear brand increases awareness where others try to emulate the style.  The air of high-end haute culture is very similar in this aspect because you will instantly be recognized by your peers for the clothes you decide to wear.  Supreme’s flagrant box logo can be recognized from distances away and it is one of the most counterfeited items.  There is an insane counterfeit market for these brands which shows how the worldwide awareness of these items has reached cult following levels.  Due to the brand awareness, anyone will recognize items such as the Bape ape logo or the Supreme red box logo.  The brand awareness of these street wear brands has become so great that it is easily recognized as a high end commodity comparable to luxury brands.

Although some may say that street wear lacks the quality or the history of other luxury fashion houses, there is no denying their impact on contemporary culture. Even historically stringent brands have recently been more accepting of street wear culture (like the eye opening collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme).  We at the Minimalistic Gent advocate for less items that are of quality and value, and street wear brands definitely carry a huge value when it comes to resale and brand recognition.  Street wear brands can be considered luxury brands because of their price, exclusivity, and brand awareness which has been an unexpected but interesting phenomenon in contemporary times.  Let us know your thoughts below on whether street wear can be considered luxury-esque, and stay tuned for more from the Minimalistic Gent!

Life of a Gent: The Determined Historian


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.


There are certain conversations in life that resonate so strongly with our sense of purpose that we can’t forget.  Spending a fractional moment in time with Mike Martin was both invigorating and enlightening; leaving me with a feeling of familiarity that I did not expect.  It embodied the meeting of someone who understands and exhibits the attributes you both envision and strive to become.  Extreme work ethic and undeniable devotion to his craft is evident by the enthusiastic way Mike both carries himself and discusses topics related to his passion.  An undeniable expert at discussing days of old, he understands the artistic zeitgeist of those before us and implements them in a way that only a true historian can masterfully do.


Mike Martin, who goes by the moniker “PopRockz,” is a contemporary artist who specializes in the field of dance.  A purveyor of many styles, Mike found his roots in “locking” (a funk style of dance created in 1969) which helped to mold the unique way that he adds a noteworthy flare on his everyday style of dress.  Going past the coveted title of dancer, he is a modern archivist of the roots and beginnings of various dance styles.  An expert at his craft, he is an avid traveler around the world; learning the history and movements from the founders of iconic dance styles.  A teacher in his own right, when asked about his obsession with attaining the utmost knowledge about the history of a dance style, he casually remarks, “I want to teach the right way.”  Without an understanding of the chronicles of these other dancers, you can’t provide a thorough and impactful class.  The passion for knowledge that he exudes is infectious, and I found myself determined to be relentless in understanding this remarkable man.


Growing up in Whitmore Village, Wahiawa, Mike speaks as a man who is extremely well versed in understanding the complications that life can throw at you.  A stroll through his hometown provided a microscopic view of the struggles he has conquered.  “They used to find bodies in those pineapple fields” Mike solemnly uttered while driving thru the rural areas of Whitmore Village.  The dilapidated houses were plentiful showing the deterioration and age of the slums from which Mike has had his humble beginnings.  In addition to his rough origins, being deployed while serving his country in the United States Air Force showed a side of humanity that he believes none should see.  These copious challenges would shock any, but Mike is never seen without a trademark smile on his face.  A pronounced virtuoso at vanquishing negativity, he has an exceptional knack for employing a positive warmth that changes the atmosphere of anywhere he travels.


When asked for his definition of a gentleman, Mike elegantly answered in the suave manner that can only be seen in a true practitioner of the gentleman lifestyle.  “A gentleman is classy and respectful.  He just looks good man!” says Mike.  Further than this notion though, the concept of “commanding presence” is what Mike truly advocates as the crucial aspect that defines a true gent.  Both desirable and breathtaking, a gentleman can enter a room and become the center of attention; yet he doesn’t acknowledge or revel in it.  To explain Mike says, “A gentleman looks the part and is extremely chivalrous; but not just for romantic interests.  He has a deep respect for people, and shows it in a way that is subtle.  Matter of fact, a gentleman leaves an impression once he walks in and even allows strangers to have their own sense of empowerment in themselves. A gentleman is sexy!” Mastery of the hallmark signs of a gentleman is clearly evident in the way Mike confidently describes a gent.


The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Mike “PopRockz” Martin is a remarkable individual that fully embodies the attributes of a modern gentleman.  Despite grappling with his rough circumstances and becoming the intellectual and hard working man that he is today, Mike is an inspiring testament to the willpower of determined individuals.  The ambiance that he sets within a room is extensive, and his work ethic is an undeniable insight on the staggering determination he has to accomplish goals.  Without a doubt, he is a leader that will remarkably inspire a whole generation of dancers, and his thirst for knowledge leaves him in an outstanding position to leave an unforgettable impact on any he meets!

3 Reasons to Purchase From A Luxury Brand!

The Minimalistic Gent advocates for quality over quantity on all purchases.  Careful and planned purchases usually lead to greater returns on the joy that you receive from an item.  To help inform you fellow gents on what to look for in these high end purchases, we compiled this list of things to look for. These are the three reasons you should buy items from a luxury brand:

1. Exceptional Quality

The best quality items are made from the best materials by skilled artisans.  Clearly stated, hand made items are something we suggest going for.  Luxury brands that stand behind their handmade products are usually an excellent place to start when searching for breathtaking items. We recommend these Salvatore Ferragamo loafers which are handmade in Italy.  The quality and comfort of these types of loafers are of a high caliber and the resiliency of the materials will leave you happy for a long time!


2. Limited Quantity

Exclusivity usually helps in the aspect of boosting your love of an item.  A limited run of production makes the demand for items sky rocket which will further your appreciation for the object.  Brand recognition can help in networking opportunities to help exude the feeling of class that you want to portray, and attentive gents will definitely notice.  A Bourbon connoisseur’s dream is the Old Rip Van Winkle 25 year-old bourbon.  With only 710 bottles made in existence, this extremely aged bourbon would make for the ultimate party drink with a guest.  Exclusivity at this level ensures that the experience of drinking this bourbon can never be replicated.  Therefore, a limited run on items can increase the worthiness of an item exponentially!

3. Outstanding Value

Even items that are not exclusive can bring someone immense value if you really enjoy the item or if it serves a unique purpose.  The value you find in the object needs to be titanic or it is not the item for you.  Since we are on a path of minimizing as much as possible, there is no room for items that serve no value.  The cost of the item should be greatly outweighed by the disproportionate value you receive from owning this item.  We love our luxury watches at the Minimalistic Gent, and we would recommend the Rolex Yacht-Master II in yellow gold as a watch that will not only make you feel world class but show it to the world as well!

Luxury brands can be quite expensive, but making wise choices is imperative to ensure your hard-earned money goes to outstanding products.  We here at the Minimalistic Gent are extremely big on spending extra for items that can last a lifetime or offer one of a kind experiences. Find what items can enrich and excite your life through their quality and exclusivity, and let us know down below what you find!

Life of a Gent: The Ambitious Visionary


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.


Exploring distinct ways to impact our future generation is an ambitious yet worthwhile endeavor. To edify the next of kin in an impactful way can be an arduous task that takes the utmost patience. Thomas de Castro who goes by the moniker “Tom Solo” is in the illustrious career of promoting and creating venues for dancers of a younger generation to pursue their passions.


Growing up Thomas was a successful curator of the b-boy (breakdancing) style and was characterized by his stylistically complex movements that were flawlessly executed in a consistent manner. Starting his career off as a dancer though was faced with many challenges as “there just wasn’t the support that there is now for supporting an unconventional path.” This would lead the way to his current pursuit in the Breaks R4 Kids program aimed at providing parents a supportive all encapsulating class that is systematically catered to educate their children in a positive and supportive environment.  As a father of two, he is extremely adept at being compassionate and insightful on the needs of the children in his program while still providing progress reports and benchmarks that quantitatively show growth to parents.


A gentleman is exactly the title that a man of his stature should receive.  When asked what it means to be a gentleman, he casually responded,”a gentleman is an individual that fully understands the premises of the grind.”  In his words, a gentleman is someone that understands the essence of hard work and is able to characterize his energy into an extremely positive force to attain his goals.  Although he loves to stay comfortable and dress casually, he is well aware of the need to dress well when the situation arises.  “I don’t even set my watch sometimes, and it’s more for the inferred characteristics of those that wear watches.  Being on time and looking the part is key to successful interactions with others,” says Thomas.


Looking forward, Thomas is extremely eager on his expansion of reach thru opening the new Breaks R4 Kids venues.  Opening up locations in both Hawaii Kai and Kaneohe of Hawaii has allowed him to increase his reach tenfold to a larger community.  Leaving an impact on the future generation and providing an avenue for them to pursue their endeavors is both a rewarding and powerful career choice.  The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Thomas de Castro as a purveyor of what it means to be a true gentleman, and his Breaks R4 Kids program is a testament to what hard work and a robust idea can come together and create something phenomenal!


3 Ways To Get Ridiculous Amounts of Work Done!

We know you are all extremely busy individuals.  Today though we are giving you three essential tips to utterly annihilate all that you have to do! Time is of the essence so here are the three ways to get lots of work done:


1. Destroy All Distractions

Distractions are everywhere and detract from your performance.  If possible, turn your phone off and rid yourself of everything that does not help in the work you are doing.  When answering other people’s needs and wants (like answering emails and phone calls), you put your time at their mercy and are not able to utilize your time as your own.  Get rid of all distractions that can keep you from doing your work and your efficiency will skyrocket!


2. Have Goals in Mind

If you write your goals the chances of you accomplishing it grow to ridiculous levels.  Incremental goals that are specific yet quantifiable are the best kinds of goals that will ensure you maximize your potential.  Before going to bed each day, jot down all of your goals for the coming day and you will be sure to accomplish them.


3. Take Breaks

We are not machines that can work incessantly.  Without breaks you will experience burnout that will decrease your efficiency and effectiveness.  We cannot recommend a perfect break system, but you need to find out what works for you.  Some of us need more frequent breaks to keep our attention level at peak levels, and some need less breaks.  Your break system will all depends on your focus level and how intense your work is (for some a five minute break on the hour is sufficient and for some a 30 minute break every couple of hours works).

Staying extremely efficient and getting the most out of your day is pivotal to being a Minimalistic Gent.  Minimizing your possessions is only one part of the equation, and the other aspect is maximizing your efficiency.  We can’t wait to see what you accomplish here at Minimalistic Gent!