Lost and Found!

It’s alright to be lost once in a while.

Life inexplicably has ways of throwing curve balls and obstacles at inconvenient times. When things seem like they can’t get any worse, they do get worse, and our work to control the situation may seem uncomfortably futile in our times of desperation.

Eventually, there is a turning point though.  Eventually life takes a sudden shift towards positivity, and your unfortunate circumstances may either slowly or quickly take a paradigm shift towards betterment.  I am #positiveaf that if today you are not in a comfortable, enjoyable position, it will get better soon!

Although you may be lost at the moment, you will eventually be found! STAY POSITIVE!

Take a Bath in My Positivity

Envelop yourself in positive vibes to enable yourself to become your best self.

Spreading positivity can be a facile task if you are willing to be thankful for the day you are given as soon as you awaken.  Everyone has something to be thankful for on a daily basis, and embodying a mindset focused on spreading positivity with genuine confidence is both empowering for yourself and inspiring to others. The glass is always half full in a positive mindset, and we would love for you to find the widest smile you can offer to the world on a daily basis.

Surrounding yourself with others who are also positive is crucial to your happiness and success as they will help mold you into the person you will become.  Of course, you will encounter those that have adopted a negative and woeful mindset.  Their problems are just as valid as anyone else’s but always know it is a choice to wallow in the shortcomings of your life.  Instead of committing yourself to the common pitfall of drowning in negativity, rise above and find your inner positivity to drown out the behaviors that will only hinder your progress in life.

Take a bath in my positivity!

Conquering the Darkness

Things may look bleak at the moment, but they will get better!

What season comes directly after the coldest of winters? If you guessed spring, you get two #positiveaf thumbs up!

Beautiful spring comes directly after winter; sweeping away the woes and sorrows that are associated with this cold and difficult season.  As with our daily lives, we can expect winter to come regardless of how we feel, and the best thing we can do for this inevitable season is to prepare.

When it comes to rough times in your life, dwelling on negative feelings will only prolong the suffering you endure.  As a kid, I used to dwell on all of the negatives of my life; the fact that I was not physically fit and the unfairness of not being socially popular.  If I instead had focused all of my attention on the possibilities of who I could become through the strengths I possessed, I could have very much conquered those inadequacies of my youth!

If you are currently experiencing the harsh unforgiving winter of your life, find strength in the little wins and opportunities life has given you.  There are a multitude of things to be thankful for, but we always focus on only the negatives.  Aren’t you thankful for another day to walk this Earth?  Your circumstances may seem detrimental at first, but focus on being appreciative at all the abilities and opportunities you do have, and you will be able to get through these difficulties with great haste.

Spring is coming soon! Stay positive as F###!



Providing contagious positive as f*** energy is the goal!

When offering a smile, what is the usual first response you receive? Usually you get a smile back (unless the individual is having a difficult day or is a generally unhappy person). Being #positiveaf is a choice to be more intentional with your emotions.

When we are in our personal state of happiness, we are more productive and efficient.  Think of the last time you were exceptionally blissful.  Envision why you were in that state of being and what you were capable in that moment. We work with more fervor and commitment once we are in a positive state, and generally, things get profoundly better once you adopt a more positive mindset.  

The key to this particular demeanor stems from being thankful for ever single day you are given.  I’ve had to face various instances where I thought my hours were numbered. Remember that day where we thought North Korea launched a missile to Hawaii?  I was next to Pearl Harbor at the time, and sirens were blaring across the island.  To add to the panic, every single person in Hawaii got a text message saying that a ballistic missile was inbound and to prepare for devestating impact.  The feeling of impeding doom was immense, and we were more than relieved that it was just a mistaken warning.  This  was one of the various instances that got me thinking about the importance of being thankful for every single day we are offered.  

The fact of the matter is that tomorrow is never guaranteed.  This may be a bleak way at seeing things, but I see it as an empowering way to live your life.  Every single day is a new opportunity to live the best life we are offered, and we can work with avidity on a day-to-day basis if we stay definite in our emotions.

Living #positiveaf is a personal choice to live with more positivity.  Be thankful for the opportunities you are given, and share with the world the vibrant, undeniable energy you can offer!



PR stands for personal record, and when life offers you a challenge, it is up to you to make the choice to conquer your goals or accept mediocrity.

Watching an individual squat twelve plates at the gym was awe-inspiring to say the least.  This man did a squat of 585 lbs with such ease that I found deep motivation to begin striving once again for old fitness goals.

Of course the next day, I decided to do squats, one of my weaker lifts, and I progressed through the weights slowly but surely.  Determined to break my own limitations, I was antsy to add more weight to destroy my PR.  It was a little intimidating to load up the bar, but I started blasting heavy metal music through my earphones to drown out my doubts.

The squat began and reality set in.  I felt the weight push heavily against me, but I continued to go through the preparations for the lift.  As I went down, there was a brief moment where I felt my legs were ready to give out on me, and a singular second felt like five.  At the bottom of the squat while lifting up, I felt myself start to fold under the heavy bar.  In a fight or flight moment, where I felt like I was in danger, I blacked out for a second and found my inner strength to get the bar up to destroy my old PR.  That brief moment I was given a choice to either fold under the weight or get that bar up.

When conflict knocks on your door, always know that it is completely up to you to decide whether you use it as an opportunity to conquer your goals or accept mediocrity and let yourself fail.

Christmas: Another Day At Practice!

Practice… even on Christmas day!

In my youth, I remember wanting, above all else, to truly excel at my craft of bboying (breakdancing).  With such fervor in my heart, I was convinced that this would be my ultimate calling in life, and I dedicated myself to fully immersing myself in the dance style.

Few truly understood this crazy obsession, except another dedicated individual by the name of Mario.  Back in those days, I remember him always being the quiet person in the corner who had such a high level of skill in the dance style that none could even hope to match his prowess.  He was that silent bboy assassin that would show up to practice and utterly crush anyone who challenged him.  As I was just starting out in my dance journey, I found it awe-inspiring to see him perform all of these wildly difficult moves in such a facile manner. 

A year had gone by, and I became a regular at the Aiea recreation center.  This was the venue where we all practiced, and I had become obsessed with becoming better.  I had always admired Mario’s tenacity at the dance style, and I eventually became a frequent visitor whom would practice every single day the recreation center was open.  

Towards the end of the year, the holidays rolled around, and fewer and fewer people were coming to the gym. Due to the busyness of the season, many elected to focus on other avenues of their life, and the recreation center became empty towards the ending of December.  To this day, I vividly remember Christmas of that year.  I walked in fully ready to practice by myself, only to see Mario as the only person dedicated enough to be there on this day usually reserved for loved ones.  

After a year of knowing this person, I had never once engaged in a conversation with him, but today that ended.  Out of mutual respect for each other, I recall our first conversation being about the utter disbelief we each had that another was here to practice on Christmas day.  Since that day, 10 years ago, he has become a valued friend who constantly provides inspiration to me on a daily basis.

Two crazy, obsessed individuals gathered on Christmas years ago because of the unfathomable work ethic that they both possessed.  

Our First Chuck E. Cheese Experience!

Chuck E. Cheese is a totally different experience when you are a parent!

After denying myself the full satisfaction of the recommended daily intake of carbs, I thought it would be a fantastic day to mess up my routine with some good ‘ol fashioned pizza.  As this is our day dedicated to fun and enjoyment, I thought why not embark on taking our son to his first experience at the new Chuck E. Cheese that opened in Kapolei.

Since this was a new location, it was exceptionally clean and packed full of children with their parents.  Bright neon lights were abundant, and the speaker system was constantly sharing the current activity occurring within the establishment.  After quickly munching on some pizza crust, our little one immediately took off in a frenzy to join in on the excitement of the other children.  Running from video game machine to miniature ride in an instant, our son was in a state of total excitement which brought the biggest smile to my face.

Throughout the time in that location, I kept reminiscing of birthday parties where parents put the entirety of their focus on making your little one feel exceptionally special.  Now as a parent myself, I can’t wait for the days to bring that same big smile to our son’s face when his birthday arrives!

In our youth, we look forward to Chuck E. Cheese as a place to eat pizza and spend copious amounts of time playing their various video games.  As a parent though, Check E. Cheese is completely different, and it makes me excited for the future to take as many opportunities as possible to show my son how truly special he is!