5 Grooming Items Every Gentleman Needs!

Upkeep of your hygiene is important as a gentleman.

1. Unforgettable Cologne

What better way to remember someone than the unique and expressive cologne that they wear.  Finding a cologne that matches both the season and your personal style can be tricky, but we suggest something as seductive and enveloping as Dior Sauvage!

2. High Quality Razor

Whether you have a tried and hardened beard  or a clean cut face, shaving is an essential of our morning routine.  Therefore, a shaver with multiple settings is important to ensure it is both a simple and effective endeavor every morning!

3. Deep Cleansing Face Wash

At the end of our showers, we highly recommend a deep cleaning face wash. Not only does it feel good and refreshing, this essential item helps to get rid of dreaded black heads and blemishes. This clay wash from Shiseido has been more than adequate for the job, and we recommend this triple deep cleaning cleanser for your daily upkeep!

4. Long Lasting Hair Wax

Depending on your hair type and needs, you will need a high quality hair product to look your best on the daily.  Having your hair look great can be an art in itself, but we like to keep things simple with a hair wax that lasts all day.  Therefore, hair products that can keep up with your activities are crucial.


5. Effective Tooth Brush

Think of how many times you brush your teeth in a day.  Multiply that into a whole year, and you can understand how important a well built toothbrush is. This is definitely not an item to skimp on, and you owe it to yourself to buy a high quality one!

Hygiene is important in every gentleman’s daily routine, and these are some of the items that we at Minimalistic Gent recommend!


5 Signs You Are A Minimalistic Gent!

Are you looking for like minded individuals whom are both extremely driven and want the best out of life? Minimalistic Gent is about maximizing the person you are through minimalistic tendencies.  Here are themain symptoms that you are a Minimalistic Gent:

IMG_6484.JPG1. You hate clutter

One of the most pivotal signs that you are a practitioner of the Minimalistic Gent movement is that you dislike anything that is disorganized and messy. You are the person that loves to wake up to a clean and tidy room, and anything less causes a discord in the effectiveness of your day. You are willing to live with less to achieve the goal of an organized and efficient lifestyle!


2. You Appreciate the Finer Things In Life!

You are known as the “fancy” one in your inner circle of friends.  Sometimes those with smaller mindsets ridicule you for the “excessive” prices you pay for items.  You have a keen eye for quality when it is put in front of you, but you are meticulous on choosing what to own.  You don’t make a lot of purchases, but when you do they are quality and informed decisions that provide value that is well worth the price.


3.  You Maximize Your Time

The greatest commodity that can never be replaced is time, and you know it. Time is always ticking, and you are a restless soul that needs to get everything done. Maximizing your time is pivotal in your daily life and your busy schedule is a testament to that!


4. The Gentleman Lifestyle Interests You!

Dressing impeccable is a key to your everyday motif. You know that well placed manners and the way you carry yourself are the greatest reflections of your character. Rudeness is not tolerated and you are not afraid to speak your mind when confronted.


5. Everything You Do Is Done With Extra Care!

You understand that being perfect isn’t always possible, but you know that exceptional work and outstanding performance is what separates you from others!  Sometimes you can be known as a perfectionist, but you are willing to accept that mistakes can be insightful lessons.

In conclusion, if you exhibit these traits you are definitely a Minimalistic Gent tried and true.  Together we will enable you to be the best gentleman you can be with less clutter and maximize your lifestyle.

5 Essentials For The Active Gentleman!

Let’s face it, we are all busy individuals! Making time for the gym may be the last thing on many of your minds, but it is important to take care of your body to stay efficient and effective in all that you do. Personally, I am a self-diagnosed “gym-aholic,” and my day doesn’t start until I hit the weights. Therefore, these are five of the essentials that the active gentleman needs when he hits the gym!

1. Excellent Pair of Contemporary Shoes

Before, I was an insane sneaker head; needing to have every shoe in every color way available. These days though I have learnt that 146 pairs of shoes does not always equate to an essential collection that is functional. Therefore, find yourself a good gym shoe that is comfortable and looks great. You’ll never know who you might meet in the gym, so put your best foot forward and choose a great looking shoe such as these Nike Vapor Max. They are both comfortable and fashion forward to look great at the gym.

2. Noise Canceling Earphones

My biggest obstacle to success in the gym has been small talk with others.  Although it can lead to great networking opportunities, sometimes you just need noise canceling earphones to drown out all of the noise in the gym.  A great workout for me involves putting on my headphones and putting in an hour work of weights nonstop.  Also, not all headphones are created equal, so find one that is exceptional in quality such as these Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones.  Wireless headphones are also pivotal because it allows you to put your phone into your bag to further minimize distractions!

3. Comfortable Gym Attire

If shoes are the first step to any great outfit, clothes are definitely the next pivotal part of looking like a professional at the gym. Nike Tech Fleece comes to mind when it comes to technologically advanced clothing.  This Tech Fleece is extremely durable and is made to be wearable in all types of conditions.  Do yourself a favor and keep your wardrobe minimal with pieces that have large amounts of research put into them.

4. Multi-use Bag

When I am focusing on my workout, I personally keep my pockets free of anything.  The amount of times that either my keys or phone fell out of my pocket while on the bench press are insurmountable. Therefore, having a bag can alleviate this issue to further help your workout come along.  A nice and simple bag like this one offers an easy way to transport all of your belongings while offering a minimalistic aesthetics that others will take note of as well.

5. Home Gym

To save even more time, it may be more beneficial for some of you to just buy workout equipment that can be set up at home. If your housing situation allows for enough space to have equipment installed, this could be an ideal way to start or end your day. Completing a workout in the morning leaves me wide awake and heavily energized for my busy day, while completing a workout at night leaves me exhausted and ready for a night of deep sleep.  Installing this equipment can make your days become instantly more efficient and can lead to great productivity feats at a small price.

These are the top five items that an active gentleman needs in his life.  Despite our busy schedules, make the time to exercise and stay healthy.  This is key to your productivity and will lead to a more successful lifestyle!

5 Ways A Modern Gentleman Can Stand Out In Society!

Eclectic, distinct, and anomalous were not always words associated with our gentleman forefathers before us.  In a modern day though it is crucial in becoming the distinct individual that others perceive in a positive yet unique way.  Being unafraid of the idiosyncrasies of your own lifestyle is paramount in becoming the best version of yourself in modern society.  Therefore, these are the five ways a gentleman can project himself in contemporary society:


1. Embrace Your Hobbies and Passions!

Many of us have something that we are either passionate about or really enjoy doing.  For many though, they are still lost in finding what really enriches their life; they feel lost. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals turn to ridicule and anger to demean the hobbies and passions of others.  Do not let the naysayers halt what you have set out to do! Standing out as an individual often comes with dismissive comments and contemptuous behaviors towards your accomplishments.  Embrace yourself as you are and you will soar high above the small minded individuals that would hold you back!


2. Practice Exceptional Mannerisms

It goes without saying that being a gentleman means having phenomenal manners that sets him apart from others.  Over time, the way gentleman have conducted themselves has changed.  I am a huge proponent for forward thinking, but I do believe that many of the tried and true rules of etiquette can be still applied today in a modern society (holding the door open for someone will never go out of style).  The way you carry yourself will remain in the minds of those that you meet, so stand out as a true gentleman and wow them with your manners.


3. Keep Your Home Minimal and Classy

Welcoming company to your home is always an exciting experience for anyone.  Keeping your item count low but prioritizing on quality furniture and appliances will ensure your house is maintained thoroughly without expensing too much time.  Guests will love the wide open spaces of your minimal room and will be impressed by your attention to cleanliness; seen throughout the house.  This ensures a quality and memorable experience that will inspire others and set you apart from other gents.


4. Dress Unforgettably Well

Tom Ford advises that “dressing well is a form of good manners.” To stand out from the rest, treat every outing as an event.  Being known as the well-dressed individual among your inner circle of friends is the ideal moniker you should receive.  People will notice the almost effortless way you dress and will be inspired to take pride in their presentation.  Dressing well does not always mean a three-piece suit though. Dressing according to the occasion and having a small rotation of outfits for practical situations is key in dressing in an unforgettable fashion.


5. Continue to Strive for More

Complacency is settling for what you have accomplished and being content with your style of life.  Do not let complacency set in! A gentleman can stand out from society by being the beacon of zealous purpose.  Strive through the struggle and tribulations that come with having the courage to do something amazing, and you will eventually be rewarded for your pains.  Settling is what the majority will do because it is safe and secure.  To stand out as a gentleman in contemporary society, you will have to do more. Even just striving to be a little bit better at some aspect of your life on an everyday basis will ensure that you will continue to become closer to all of your goals.

Standing out as a modern gentleman can be both frightening and stressful.  I am assured though that these tips will ensure true happiness and self-awareness if you have the courage and perseverance needed to weather whatever happened to you.  Believe in your own inner strength to reach for your goals and maximize your life as a gentleman!


3 Reasons You NEED A Watch!

What is the one quintessential piece that any gentleman needs in his possession? This question has been asked since the dawn of time, and we are no more closer to the answer than our forefathers before us. Alas, today I argue in favor of a simple chronological piece that adorns the wrist of many. Today we’re talking watches (cue Ben Clymer’s voice).


Reason #1: Watches allude to timeliness and punctuality.

A gentleman always arrives early to the party. Punctuality is a key component to showing others your sophistication and maturity when it comes to promises. Sometimes it seems as if time is passing by at an extraordinary rate, and there is never enough time to get everything done. Although many fall into this trap, if you make a promise to be at a certain place, be there. Make the time to be early because noone likes to wait (especially that beautiful girl you just met from the coffee shop). Watches are an indication of this attentiveness to punctuality; a key ingredient to making amazing first impressions.


Reason #2: A watch is a standalone accessory

Minimalistic Gent prides itself on making becoming a gentleman easy. I’m a very simple person, and having a watch provides that little bit of uniqueness to any outfit I am going to wear. Personally, I don’t wear any jewelry outside of this piece, so I make sure I get a watch that screams my personality. To minimize the insane thought processes needed to accessorize appropriately for each occasion, stick to a watch.


Reason #3: Watches have historical importance.

Watches can connect us to a generation before us, and it can connect to future generations. Lineage comes into play and what better way to connect on your sons 18th birthday, than to give him your prized and coveted watch! Passing watches through the generations can be a new and exciting family tradition that will ensure your accomplishments will go on in history for years to come!


Therefore, these are among some of the many reasons that you NEED a watch on your wrist. As a gentleman it’s important to have a watch that shows you value time. It’s a great addition to all of your wardrobe and will be the statement piece that helps you meet future clients and maybe that cute girl from the coffee shop!

Can You Be a Minimalist and Like Luxury Items?



The biggest question that I receive on this page is how can you be a minimalist if you buy luxury items? Everyone has a different interpretation of what it means to be a minimalist, but I think we can all agree that it is living with less clutter to help minimize the stress in our lives. In my interpretation of minimalism, I believe that we can own less things which will put a greater emphasis on the value of all of the things that we do decide to keep.


As an avid and recovering addict to collecting, I found it extremely difficult to still find satisfaction in totally getting rid of all of my things. Therefore, I found the balance that stuck with me on how to be what I call a “minimalist collector.” This is a collection based on quality rather than quantity, and all of the pieces have a great story or reason for remaining (my David Yurman skull ring has become a statement piece that I wear every single day because of the unique waves and the black diamond eyes it contains).  Here is my interpretation of a minimalist jewelry collection:


All of these items have an integral part in my wardrobe and can be interchanged for various styles.

Therefore, I believe you can definitely enjoy luxury items and be a minimalist. As long as you put an emphasis on the art, design, and quality of items, you can still enjoy them. Don’t be afraid of nice things, but find a great balance of what you enjoy that will not clutter up your life!

5 Sunglasses Every Man Should Own!

Sunglasses are the utilitarian fashion item that can take an outfit to unprecedented levels. Your choice though will dictate how you are perceived by others.  Transcending the bounds of being just protection for your eyes, sunglasses provide an air of mystery to the person behind the shades.  Therefore, these are the five sunglasses that are not only effective on UV rays but offer up distinct cues as to the sophisticated and perplexing person that you are:

Persol offers handcrafted classically styles sunglasses that was once catered for pilots and race car drivers.  The company is based in Italy and their iconic pieces are cherished by huge name celebrities around the world.  Without being ostentatious, these sunglasses offer huge value for the price that they are.  What better way to show that you  are an extremely stylish gentleman with a keen eye for quality and craftsmanship than to wear a pair of Persol sunglasses.  Whether you are James Bond or Steve Mcqueen, you can be sure that these shades with transform the image other’s see when your name comes up.

2. Dior

The world of high fashion is a unique journey of twists and turns of trending articles over seasonal periods.  These Dior sunglasses will be the talk of your friends because that have now understood that you are an individual that is not afraid of being daring and taking chances on fashion.  You can be sure that these sunglasses break the monotonous bounds of what eyewear is supposed to be. Show others your rebellious and anarchistic side that will both awe and inspire others.

3. Oliver People’s

Vintage American shades that exude class! These are Hollywood styled sunglasses are manufactured in Italy, so it is a combination of both classic Americana style and refreshing Italian craftsmanship.  If you want to be seen as a world class gentleman, who is both intellectual and cultured these are the sunglasses for you!

4. Ray Ban

There’s a reason that Ray Bans can be seen everywhere.  They’re classic designs and if you are the type of person to easily lose your sunglasses, these are for you.  The air of fun-ness that these exude show that you are a fun loving person that is both down-to-earth and easygoing!

5. Tom Ford

No list would be complete without the leading men’s wear icon.  You can definitely see why Daniel Craig wears a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses in the modern iterations of James Bond.  These sunglasses scream success in every aspect of your life, and that is the feeling that these shades exude.  The solid foundation of the Tom Ford brand is something that none can deny, and these ensure everyone around you understands that you are a man that is not to be taken lightly!

Therefore, these are five of the best sunglasses every gentleman needs. Each sunglass style evokes a different emotion that your friends, family, and clients will be enthralled it.  We believe it’s of the upmost importance to put your best foot forward and these sunglasses will ensure that.  Picking one or two of these will increase your fashion sense and exude the type of individual you are!

5 Watches For The Gentleman That Wants To Be Taken Seriously!

Watches have transcended their function of just being an instrument to tell time. They carry a strong sense of image in a professional career, they tell a story of your financial prowess, and they are great conversation topics to break the ice with potential clients.  To keep you from deteriorating your image it is pivotal you know which watch to get. I can’t count how many times I’ve made a sale because of the watch I was wearing. It is a great conversation piece, and it gives the people you meet a sense of your sophistication and maturity. The following are the five watches that will make a statement and help you to garner the respect you deserve from others:

1. Rolex GMT Master II Ref: 116710 BLNR (The Watch All Collectors Want)


When it comes to a wrist watch, I find that the best conversation starters are watches that have either an interesting detail or a rarity that only true connoisseurs would appreciate. This watch has both! The black and blue split bezel truly gives this Rolex a strong sense of uniqueness that can be spotted a mile away. It is also easily recognized as a Rolex which can help even those who don’t know watches see that you mean business. Good luck finding one for a great price because demand for this watch is extremely high, but if you do find one you will not be disappointed with the level of satisfaction you will get from wearing it!


2. OMEGA Speedmaster Professional (The Moon Watch)


This watch was the first watch worn on the moon… is there anything else you need to know? The iconic Speedmaster Professional has garnered the respect of many for having a very strong design presence with a great history as being the first watch worn by astronauts on July 21, 1969. If that isn’t a cool fact that will start a conversation with someone, you need to find different company. There are so many iterations of this watch that you need to do a little research to find which one works for you. It also isn’t the most expensive watch on this list, but none can deny the amount of impact this watch has had on the world of horology.


3. Rolex Day-Date 40 in 18K Rose Gold (Not Your Grandfather’s Watch)


I could spot someone wearing this watch 100 yards away! In fact while on my recent vacation, I saw the rose gold glint of this watch from across the pool deck. What better way to dazzle and garner someone’s attention than with a bright rose gold Rolex. It does carry a little bit of weight as compared to the other watches on this list due to the 18K of gold that are present in this watch. I do still believe this is a great modern watch to wear for those that aren’t afraid of a little bit of gold. This definitely isn’t your grandfathers watch, but it could be your future grandsons!


4. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rose Gold On A Strap (Because the “Brick” is Too Heavy)


I am a huge fan of the “brick” (the Royal Oak on it’s rose gold bracelet), but I am not a fan of wearing the “brick.” Although it commands attention, the wear and tear on the wrist and forearm are tremendous. If you ever get the chance, go into a dealer and put this watch on. You’ll instantly understand why it is nicknamed the “brick.” I’m a big advocate for being comfortable, so the Royal Oak in rose gold on a strap is much more manageable. This Audemars Piguet still garners attention from colleagues and associates, but it is comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.


5. Jacob and Co. Astronomia Tourbillon (Destroy the Competition)


Nothing quite commands attention than a 50mm watch of the universe that spins on a three axis tourbillon around the entire watch as it oscillates (I didn’t even get to the diamonds). I’m not a fan of big watches, but seeing this instantly sets an individual high above the rest of the pack. This is not the watch for the faint of heart as a look at the price could make an individual faint, but it is a complicated watch that is extremely revolutionary in design and presentation. If you don’t believe me, head over to YouTube and search up this watch. It truly is a fantastic art piece that is mesmerizing to watch. If you want respect, this watch will give it to you!

Watches mean much more to the average gentleman than a way to tell time. Most can just look at their smart phone and find a much more accurate time than any of these pieces above. If you want to be respected though, you deserve one of these tremendous time pieces to show the world that you are a classy gentleman with a good sense of taste!

5 Cool Gadgets Every Guy Should One Day Own!

We here at Minimalistic Gent are determined to help others declutter and maximize their lifestyles. Therefore, these are five gadgets that every aspiring gentleman should have in their household.  Each of these have a central purpose and reason for being in your collection of goods because they are versatile for every gentleman’s needs. Here are the cool gadgets you need to own:

1. Topnotch Headphones (Incredible Sound For Professionals)

In our pursuit of minimizing clutter, you deserve to get an excellent pair of headphones.  These Bose headphones are convenient and a great addition to any working man’s lifestyle. Whether your at the gym or making an important business call, these headphones send a statement that you are a professional that values quality above all else!

2. Watch Winder (Impressive Centerpiece for Guests)

Let’s face it watch winders are one of the coolest accessories any gentleman could have to display their watch collection to others.  Greeting guests to a rotating watch collection displayed on your cabinet will definitely get the attention you want! It can make the subtle difference to your room and adds an air of sophistication to newly invited guests. I can’t begin to say how many times people have noticed my watch winder on my nightstand. People notice and are enthralled with watch winders!

3. External Battery Charger (Life Saver For Efficient Gents)

How many times has your phone battery depleted at the worst possible time (in the middle of a business meeting or chatting with a potential customer)? An external battery charger gives you the freedom to not have to worry about the battery consumption of your phone. Having this handy will allow you to stay efficient and finish the multitude of tasks you need to finish without being constrained to finding a place to charge your phone!

4. Ridiculous Speaker System (Incomparable Sound Quality For the Affluent)

This is the speaker that none of your friends or family members have. This speaker shows that you appreciate things of beauty and have a taste for quality.  A party isn’t complete without good music that sets the ambiance.  With this speaker, you will never have to purchase another one (nor will you want to).  Guests will immediately question what the futuristic egg looking item on the table is, but once it is on they will never forget what they hear! This speaker is an unforgettable experience that will be the talk of all your guests for a long while to come.

5. Excellent Quality MacBook (The Most Important Piece of Equipment You Need)

MacBooks have transcended the functional features they offer. They have a cult following that people relate to, and people buy this product because of its brand. Efficiency is key to keeping up with competitors of course, but the Macbook stands alone when it comes to brand recognition!

Therefore, these are five of the electronic devices that every gent should own. Each of these items have a special purpose that fits into the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle!