Time moves on…

Life throws gems your way in the most subtle, curious ways…

Tuesday morning rolled in, and I realized I had to pick up mail from my old house.  Although it was a simple, mundane task to say the least, I was met with a surprise sitting on a table in the living room.  An unpretentious relic of the past, my grandfather’s travel humidor and cigar cutter sat above his golf items.

Cigars have been a new hobby of mine that has surprisingly made a significant impact on my life, and I only recognized those trinkets due to my newfound pastime. What a realization this had for me… my grandfather smoked cigars at one point of his life.  Although this would seem frivolous, it hit my heart in a significant way.

I was adopted by my grandparents in their years of retirement, and they were the heroes of my childhood.  Never had I ever learned that my grandfather would enjoy a nice cigar from time to time. How many facets of their life were I unaware of? I only knew them in retirement, and that was a good 60 years of unawareness. What experiences did they share in their youth that I will never know about?

Imagining all of that leaves a warm feeling in my heart.  My grandfather loved to play golf, and I always remember him returning when I awoke for school with such a joyous expression on his face.  Life threw this little gem at me in the most arbitrary ways, but I am so happy to have it hit me in adulthood than not at all.

Imagine all of the minute aspects of the lives of your loved ones that you have not shared.  Use this as a lesson to share as many experiential tidbits as you can because time moves on whether we want it to or not.

#LivepositiveAF, and share all of the stories you can with your loved ones because you never know when the story you craft will be over! Your story will eventually come to an end, but the legacy you leave on others will never be forgotten.


Digging Deep!

Be indefatigable in achieving your goals!

Going to Maui for the Leave it on the Floor bboy competition truly taught me the power of being unstoppable in your endeavors.  Due to my work schedule, I almost didn’t embark on this exciting adventure because I had to squeeze the flights on my working days.  This meant severe sleep deprivation was to be expected during this weekend.  Since Maka, my partner, and I trained exceedingly hard though, I was not going to let my day job stop me from this competition.

During the competition we were more than prepared; training for weeks previously and really tiring ourselves out on a daily basis to prepare for this competition of endurance.  Battle after battle we trudged on, and when a mishap in the schedule caused the promoters to rush the rest time in between battles, doubt began to sink in our minds during the final battle we had to participate in.  After finishing a grueling 45 minute 7-to smoke competition, we were thrown into the final battle with fierce competition.

I vividly remember the pep talk I had with Maka for the battle.  We both had vocalized how incredibly tired we were, and how this was the most exhausted we’ve ever felt. After getting those doubts out of our way, I remember our talk. “Imagine the regret we would have if we didn’t give this last battle everything.  Imagine all of the work we put into preparing for this competition.  It’s just one more round and we achieve what we set out to do.  We trained too hard to stop now!”  Thinking about the countless hours of training gave us confidence, and we were able to finish the battle with a fervor that was greater than all of the earlier battles.

In conclusion, we ended up winning the competition and walked away with the great memories of what happened.  We had a new found appreciation for having a specific goal, and we understood that obsessive hard work does pay off.  Be indefatigable in your pursuits, and you can accomplish goals that are bigger than your circumstances.  Believe in the pain and suffering you endured previously, and you will gain exceptional confidence in your capabilities!

The Muscle-up

Pull-ups + Dips = One Complex Exercise!

Today marks the first day that I was able to complete a muscle-up (an exercise where you perform a high pull-up and proceed to push yourself even higher above the bar). After many attempts, I was finally able to perform a singular sloppy rendition of this exercise and defeated my initial fears.

While practicing this movement, there were two main fears I needed to overcome. First, there was the fear of tearing my shoulders from this demanding new movement, and second, there was the more prevalent fear of flipping over the pullup bar and falling straight onto my face and crushing my teeth!

Although valid concerns, these fears only hindered my progress which is a testament to the power of fear in promoting complacency. When any new obstacle appears, there will be fear and valid reasons why you should avoid conquering your goal, but it is your capability to overcome those adversities that will enable you to be unstoppable in all avenues of life.

Although your fears may be very justifiable, it is up to you to be the purveyor of your story and surmount the courage to be successful. Fear is just another obstacle in your way, and I am #positiveaf that you are fully capable of defeating all of your fears if you are willing to stand up and face them head on!