Steps to Destroying Negative Habits!

It’s never a bad idea to analyze your current routine and make a change!

It’s another beautiful day to supersede your ego and scrutinize the multitudinous of habits that either positively or negatively impact your voracious goals.  An extraordinary amount of noteworthy individuals attribute their success to non-negotiable habits that fill their day.  Thus, the idealistically pragmatic approach to becoming more effective at your endeavors should be to eliminate any unfavorable routines immediately and to start fresh at this very instance.  Unfortunately, this is not realistic, and the dilemma of changing habits is often more of an arduous undertaking than a facile extrication of one’s negative routines that have become the status quo.

To begin with, the opportunity to change and reinvent your detrimental habits is ubiquitous in that it encompasses numerous facets of your life.  Instead of initially tackling a plan, I think it would be remarkable to first envision who you would become if these habits were altered. It might be helpful to envisage your idealistic lifestyle with the personality traits you would need to adopt to make this become a reality.  You could contemplate on an individual that has already attained your version of success, and think of the daily habits they needed to undertake to be in the position that they are today. Therefore, this begins the undemanding first tranquil step where you envision the possibilities of who you would become if you ameliorate the routines you engage in.

I have found that a great second step is to scribble down all of your troubling habits.  Change begins with analysis, but it is more effective when attached to an appealing goal. Find that goal from your consciousness and be fervent in modifying your behaviors before scribbling anything.  Once that is clear and non-negotiable in your mind, write the specific goals with an attainable yet demanding timeline.  Be unambiguous with your succinct goals because any lack of concision will lead to a cacophony of misinterpretation leading to catastrophic failure.  In addition, I advise you to be incandescent in writing all of the practices you engage in that subvert your successes.  This allows a sincere look into your potential timeline and allows for an expeditious way to attain your version of success.

Finally, the implementation of your plan to change begins with diminutive yet constant transposition of your new desirable habits into your daily life.  This is not the time for lofty, divergent measures that are not maintainable.  Those type of actions will only allow for you to regress quickly once your initial passion subsides.  Fervent, fathomless goals will inadvertently be adhered to for short periods of time, but the goal is to make habits that are committed to and built upon.  Be averse to fervid moments, and instead be committed to indelible tendencies that produce the worthwhile results you initially hoped for. Start small, but be indefatigable in avoiding regressive behavior.

Growth is a continual journey that involves both setbacks and triumphs. Unfortunately, it is not a linear pathway that will be effortless in its pursuit.  Through each successive new habit, new challenges arise, but being dauntless in the face of change will ensure you will eventually reach the goals that will be crucial to your version of success! Stay #positiveAF, and I can’t wait to hear of your success!


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