Moments of Crisis

When stifled by a negative situation, it is key to emphasize the aspects of life that you can control!

Covid-19 stemmed from the Corona virus has asphyxiated our society in an unforeseen way. Many have seen the situation deracinate the comfortable lifestyle they once lived, and the closure of a multitude of locations deny the ethereal pleasure that everyone once enjoyed.  The raison d’etre for this article is not to be a somber reminder of the pessimistic views we may have towards the current circumstances.  Rather this is a reminder of the possible opportunity that we have been presented; leaving those negative feelings askew.

In the face of this epidemic, we need to be cautious yet unyielding on our will to still find jubilation in our daily lives.  Although we are unable to alter the privations caused by the state of current events, we can allow ourselves to find happiness through the opportunities this situations presents itself.

Time is a facet of life that always seemed to circumvent us before this situation, and this virus has allowed this aspect of life to be freed up.  I think it would be a fantastic idea to think about the proliferation of garnering knowledge on subject matters that you find deep passion in.  In the internet age, we are given so much freedom to educate and exercise our mind (I’ve learned from a YouTube video how to change my headlights which has given me a false sense of credence in my automotive competence, but I digress).  Without adequate time available, it was easy to indulge in the insularity of being a dilettante in various subject matter.  Now is the time to really take that step to becoming a connoisseur at that particular topic that you find both enriching and gratifying.

I know that financial burden has been placed upon a great deal of families, and my heart goes out to everyone, but dwelling on that fact will only lead to implacable anxiety and uncompromising stress.  Instead, I propose to utilize this time effectively as a means to look deep into your consciousness to find what possibilities are available. It is futile to constantly be morose over the state of affairs we are faced with that are out of our control.

Stemming from the teachings of Tilman Fertitta, billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Houston Rockets (among many other accomplishments), we forget that bad times will happen when things are good and good times are coming when they are bad.  I couldn’t agree more with that, and we need to understand that like all other bad things in life, better times are upon us!

Stay PositiveAF, and utilize this time to the fullest in however way you deem fit.  The overwhelming negativity we face is all stemmed from a neutral event that does not have to define you to a life of sorrowful solitude.  Instead, it can be an opportunity to pursue didactic endeavors that you never before had the time for!


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